Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Angry Old Man Running For President

From Album 5
God, guns, grits, gravy...and meds. Oh, and he's allegedly one of the reasonable ones.


  1. Yesterday, May 5, I was at my pain management doctor for my regular appointment. It has been a bit over three months since my last spinal injection. They had Faux Noise on the TV set in the waiting room. Why do so many medical offices that have a TV in the waiting area keep it on Faux Noise?
    Any who, there was the Huck, announcing he is running for POTUS, again. One lady says to another in the waiting area, "Oh I'd vote for him IF he makes the ballot". The other eclairs that "Yes, he'd be a good president. Not at all like Mr. Jindal". Well, at least they got that part right. The sad part, aside from the TV being tuned to Faux Noise, is that here we have two adult women saying they like old Huck. Me, I kept quiet and read my latest copy of "Racer" magazine. I'd rather read up on the latest news from the world of motor racing than listen to any of the moronic asshats of the elephant gang or their followers. Yeah, I know, I suppose I do tend toward being anti-social at times. Well, some times it does keep visits to the ER near zero that way, for me and the "other person" as well.
    Ph well, except for brief, but heavy for about five minute rains, our weather has been nice up here in CenLa this week. Oh, I get another injection in about three weeks. Hope it is an early time, if I get it by 7AM, we can be home by noon.
    Hope your week is going well.

  2. Well, here's hoping the pain management works...that's damn important. As for Huck, Faux, et al, well...alas, I think part of PBJ's lack of popularity here in the Gret Stet is that too many people think he's not vicious enough. They really seem to want someone to blow things up, which will make them dance for about a minute...until they realize just what that would actually mean. What's the old R&B song? You don't miss your water until your well runs dry. And that's what would happen. Christ...and part of me would, well, grimly let it happen, if I wasn't sure to get washed out with the tidal wave.

    Fortunately old Huck won't get the nod. I still think it's gonna be Jeb ("Heb") maybe Rubio, but ... it's HRC's election to win or lose. And today she was actually ok for once, announcing support for essentially the Dream Act. Good. It's the right thing to do. Oh, we'll still be down here at the scrounging for crumbs level, but as I've said before, lesser of evils...that's about as good as we're gonna get...and...once more thing: even at the scrounging for crumbs level, there are still ENOUGH crumbs to show some basic decency. Hell, I've got no problem with immigrants. Some time back my own ancestors immigrated. I also have no problem with people speaking a foreign language. My own grandfather's first language was French, and his English was heavily accented.

    Anyway...with the waiting room folks -- no one's gonna change their mind(s), especially in a waiting room. Sometimes we just have to ... look at a book or mag. Hope Racer was enough to occupy your mind.

    Take it easy.