Thursday, May 07, 2015

Jeb's Go-To Guy On Middle East Policy

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And he's supposedly the smart one...


  1. When I saw that headline, all I could do was say; "Oh shit". Well, he is a member of the Bush clan, so it figures he'd have his brother in there some place. Any bets momma made him give W. Shrub the job? I never did like her. I bet anything you want that she is one mean, nasty piece of crap, and that is when she is being nice.
    As to yesterday, yes, it IS all about skin color in the USA even now. How very sad. Hell, it is damn sick that as a country we still are like this. It is 2015 for crap sake. Get over that bullshit. So some other person has a darker tan than I do, big deal. It is the character OF the person that counts, not how they look. Look at old Einstein, he didn't exactly look so smart with that hair sticking out all over. Looked more like some nearly homeless guy than a genius. The old saying, don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind. Again, and I'll say this many more times before I die, I am so very happy dad taught me the way he did. I have met and been friends with so many diverse people because I did not just look at their skin color. People are people, no matter how nice a tan they have. We all have the same basic needs and desires.
    Racism and hate must be learned. Look at little kids, pre school age, they play with each other and don't care about who has a different tan. They are later taught to hate. So sick, but, and here I go, so very xtian of the haters. Religion has done so much damage to humanity. In particular, monotheistic religions. Vile things in my opinion.

  2. for Einstein, I remember hearing an old Lenny Bruce bit about how if Einstein had had a southern accent...there wouldn't be a bomb...well, that's oversimplifying, but it was comedy.Bruce made you laugh...then think.

    As for Jeb/Heb relying on big brother...bring 'em on, pun intended. Don't know who's supposed to be on the receiving end of that message, but it'll land with a great big thud. And if that's the best they've got -- and it is -- then we'll dodge the bullet for another four years or so. I guess gridlock is slightly better than a horror show.

    Meanwhile, in good old Loosiana, it's been interesting to watch the Lege deliver their own message to PBJ. He's also landing with a great big thud. Of course, the next guy sitting there has a great big mess to clean.

    Well...hope your weekend's ok. They say sun tomorrow, slight chance of rain on Sunday, but hopefully not enough to keep me indoors for too long. Have a good one.