Wednesday, May 06, 2015


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Scroll about halfway down to read this report about Antonio Morgan (the rest of the article is pretty good as well), who lives in a St. Louis suburb called Hazelwood. Then think about how the wingers went ballistic over, oh, just for instance, the alleged IRS "scandal" of, gasp, forcing political advocacy pay taxes like everyone else.

That's the world we live in...


  1. Thanks for the link. I read the entire article. Yes, the system is set unto make sure that minorities fail, or if not fail, never really prosper. The system is still very racist. It is amazing this one man was able to keep as calm as he has for so long. Of course he knows what will happen to him and his family if he ever lost it. And still, some idiots, some who have columns in national newspapers, still go on and on about "rising crime" and how "great" this country is. What a crock. The article shows, with links to back it up, crime rates are far lower now than at nearly any time in the last 50 years. Get rid of the damn fool mandatory minimum sentencing also, now. It has never been of any real use,so just stop it.
    As to the IRS deal, well sure, those rich elephant gang folks detest paying taxes. Hell, paying tax is why they have us "little" people.
    OK, enough from me for one day.

  2. I look at a guy like Antonio Morgan, and...well, it's not an exact comparison, but I see much the same attitude taken towards, well, Obama. I've said it before, and I believe you think the same: the guy's not exactly some raving socialist or even particularly liberal...hell, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review, i.e., from an early age he was being groomed for "the corporation" (to paraphrase a line from the movie Apocalypse Now). Hell, he even offered some insane deals early on -- like tort/malpractice "reform" as part of the ACA, the sequester, and would have likely taken the truly terrible "grand bargain," which would have assured Rethug rule for another generation (if the idiot tea partiers hadn't squashed the deal by holding out for even more). In other words, Obama is...more or less a liberal Republican, which is basically the same as Bill and Hillary, and the DLC, etc.

    But...even as a liberal Repug, the whole wingnut program has been to ruin him. Not oppose -- ruin him. And I think we both know why.

    That said, Obama is in a slightly better position than Mr. Morgan -- he WAS groomed for the corporation, and has extensive credentials he could fall back on in a worst-case scenario. No, Obama's set. But the sentiment is the same -- "those people" must never, ever, think they're equal...and the law sure does take steps.

    Another example: if they really wanted to make a statement about drugs, they could have a field day in Manhattan's financial district or the posh nightclubs in the Hamptons on Long Island. But do you ever hear of raids there?

    I didn't think so.

    Well, time for evening chores. Take it easy.