Wednesday, May 13, 2015


From Album 5
They can't let go of the past...or their myths about the past.


  1. When I read that Cruz and Jindal answered Ronnie, well, first I laughed, then I damn near cried. To answer Ronnie when asked who the greatest LIVING former president is, well, it is insane in my opinion. A dead person cannot, just by pure common sense, be the greatest LIVING former anything. Oh no! Does this mean that Cruz, Jindal, and how many other members of the elephant gang actually believe that Ronnie is "just taking a nap"? And all will be A-OK when he wakes from his little nap and sets things to rights the way he did for eight years as POTUS?
    Of course in my opinion, Ronnie did NOT set anything at all "to rights" ever. Certainly not during his time as governor of California, wish you could ask Dad on that score, nor during his two (crap he was re-elected) terms as POTUS. I'll go so far as to say he was at best, a second rate grade B actor also. In that "Bedtime for Bonzo" movie, Bonzo the chimp was the start and the better actor.
    Thanks for the kind words on old Buster cat. That was back about 2007 or so.
    As to the Zimmerman critter, I would not want to see him get shot dead, but a nice wound might boost his cred with some idiots. Plus, he deserves one just for being a damn asshat.
    I agree that whatever cred he may have had has been lost, hopefully permanently.
    Well, more than enough from me for one day. Have a great week, we may get more rain this week up here.
    Cheers to you and Tigger.

  2. Let's see: Reagan "stopped" inflation via (Carter appointee) Paul Volker's classic Keynesian method of driving up interest rates to the point of causing a big old recession, which ended just in time to declare "morning in 'merika" during his re-election. He also raised taxes, supported amnesty for undocumented immigrants...oh, and sold arms to Iran to help finance an illegal and shockingly immoral war in Central America. Yeah, what a guy. But, boy, do they love their mythical Reagan. But I've barked about that before, so I'll leave it there. Am a little tired today, so have a good one, take it easy. Yeah, looks like rain this weekend as well, but hope there's a lull long enough to get the yard done. And...if not, I need some rest.

    And indeed George Zimmerman is an asshat. God. If we weren't living in Orwellian times ("the memory hole") all of Fox Noise would be tarred and feathered by their association with him...