Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OK, This Should Settle It...

From Album 5
An armed society is NOT a polite society. It's an armed society, pure and simple. And I'm fine with "guns don't kill, people do," but people with guns --  and if they're stupid and immature -- seem to have a much greater predilection to escalate, or regress, if you prefer, into deciding to shoot. And that's rarely necessary.

To repeat something I've said before, I don't care if people like or want to own a gun, and that extends to pretty much any gun they want to own. But...show some maturity. You probably DON'T need to use it for anything other than target practice.

For the life of me, I can't understand why ANY responsible gun owner would want to defend George Zimmerman or Matt Apperson. And, you know what, I doubt any responsible gun owner does. Which makes Zimmerman and Apperson's defenders...


  1. Great point about gun owners being responsible. I may have mentioned before that I own a .45 single action revolver. Yes it looks like an old Colt pistol, western style six gun. I like how they look. A gun is a tool. Like any other tool, it is neither good nor bad. Any sense of that comes from how it is used. I got it for the way it looks and have wanted one for many years. Well, I got one some years back. I can hit what I aim at, that is gun control. Seriously.
    As to shooting a living being, well, only, and I mean this in ALL seriousness, only if my family or myself are threatened with great bodily harm or death. I have been in war and I have no desire to ever kill another human being ever again. Mess with those I love and care for and all bets are off though. When I had the cats, that rule applied equally to all my cats. Some stray dogs killed one of my cats back in 2008 when I lived out in the woods. By the time I had counted the cats that ran inside and got my shotgun and went to check, the dogs were gone and Buster was dead. I called the local sheriffs office and TOLD the woman who answered that I understood the state has a leash law. She said yes. I told her what had happened and that if I ever saw those dogs near my property again I was going to shoot the three of them. I would not call for assistance as a double barrel 12 gauge is all I was going to need. I then thanked her for her time and told her I had to go and bury my cat. I never heard any fallout from my call nor did I ever see those damn dogs again. Good for them I suppose.
    In a way I am glad Zimmerman was not killed. At the same time, it does make me happy that he got shot at. I'll bet you any amount you wish that he peed his pants at that deal. Trust me, being shot at by somebody who wants to kill you is not fun in any way at all. War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

  2. Responsible gun ownership generally means you keep the gun safely stored, which, well, probably limits their effectiveness for personal or family (and yes, cats are family) protection. Which sucks, but...I think the alternative is a hell of a lot worse.

    That said, man, I'm sorry to hear about Buster. I had a different orange cat -- he never really had a name (maybe OC, for orange cat?)...who was indoor/outdoor, and one night in 2007 he didn't come home. I knew something was wrong...and it was. The neighbor found him a couple of days later. I'd put out posters. A raccoon or maybe a dog had gotten him. Who knew at that point?

    Burying him was...pretty sad.

    As for shooting whatever, well...that'd be difficult, too. Even if it's an asshole like George Zimmerman, who's clearly one of the bigger assholes wandering around today. Amazingly, his actions since 2012 don't seem to make people realize he was probably lying through his teeth about why he shot Trayvon Martin. Damn.

    And...I'll put it this way -- I'm not upset that he showed his true colors and hopefully got scared shitless/pissless...but I'll tell you: the fact that, well, I was going to say mental midgets, but I guess that's an insult to little people, so...mental children like Zimmerman are wandering around armed...makes me glad I don't mind not getting out much. Such shitbirds.

    Well, again, sorry to hear about Buster, even if it was a while back. Take it easy.