Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shocking News!

From Album 5
Wealthy people donate to charitable causes! Oh, wait: it's only shocking when it's...a Clinton charity. Otherwise...nothing to see...move on.


  1. Well yeah. I mean we all know how nasty the Clintons are. No rout Hi-Larry is the worst of the pair. Bill is just a big old teddy bear type who always has taken his marching orders from his "little woman". PK, that was a very poor attempt at being somewhat sarcastic and no, even I admit it failed. I wanted it to fail thug. Why? Because no matter which wing of the war party (elephant or donkey) their campaign monies all come from the very same source, Wally street/City of London/international banksters and assorted other very, very rich donors. We do NOT have a true "two party" system in 'Merikkka and have not had for decades now. Maybe pre 1980 there may have still been real differences between the donkey and elephant gangs, but nit since and possibly even for some time before 1980.
    As the supposed "liberal" news media is the standard line being pushed by the likes of Faux Noise and much of the rest of what passes as our "main stream media", well, I call bullshit on that. The national media, TV, radio, print (of all types, i.e.. newspaper/magazine/etc) and any other form of electronic media is very conservative. Well, not conservative in any traditional sense. Same applies to what passes as "liberal" these days. I'd go so far as to say that almost every national TV news outfit is NOT liberal in any way, shape, or form. Still, moronic old farts like old McCrazy love to call the media, TV in particular, liberal because Faux Noise loves that lie.
    Picking on the Clintons is too easy. I compare it to shooting fish in a barrel. Hell, even old broken down me could do it. This gets me to another personal gripe. Even our vaunted media takes the easy way out. I know you have seen TV reporters as the most egregious example of this decline in actual reporting, they are no longer real reporters, they have become stenographers. Now, I do NOT mean to offend any stenographers out there, it is a useful, needed, and honorable profession. The thing is, new reporters should NOT be stenographers. they should investigate, get their sources or the person they interview to give REAL answers to the questions being asked. Now days, the reporter ( I use that term very lowly here) ask a question, if they get a response, even one that has nothing at all to do with the question, they let it go, NO follow up, no "hey buster, I asked you X, now, give me an answer to X. Oh, but no, they do not do that as if they did, they may not be invited to the next press conference held by the asshat they are trying to ask questions of.
    The "liberal" news media in 'Merikkka is long dead and buried. That is a damn shame, but reality is like that quite often. YES, it does make me very angry, but there isn't much one old, decrepit, broken down former US Marine, Vietnam combat vet who has been disabled for over 20 years can do about it. All I can do is post comments to blogs that allow my comments, A huge THANK YOU to you Michael. I can also do my own blog, need to post more and more often. I can also talk, person-to-person to anybody who will sit or stand still near me long enough to have a decent conversation with. Hey, who knows, if enough people listen or read my rants, it might get them to thinking and they may in turn start doing the same with people they know or meet. It will take time, more than I have left, but possibly, things could turn around and some day in the future, the US of A might have a sort of, almost real liberal media that would even be considered mainstream. Oh hell, what am I doing with this line of thought? Well, it was a nice little dream. Can I sleep in a bit longer tonight?
    Hope you get to feeling better my young friend. Don't overdo it with work, at the job or at home. take some time to play with Tigger and smell the flowers/coffee.

  2. And...the news today is that even more wingnuts forked cash over to the Clinton charity. Now, I don't doubt the "charity," like most if not all charities, is strictly a business proposition, even if Hill and Bill have a few (and probably an exceedingly few) pangs of compassion and perhaps even a modest amount of honest concern...if nothing else, for their legacy. And...charities sometimes do ok if not actual good things.

    But again -- all the hand wringing is just standard wingnut boilerplate...and what it does is establish the goalposts. When Hill and Bill are tagged as both "most extreme left" AND "shady," it locks in both a limit to debate and at best a "both sides do it." It's also a way to snipe at DLC'ers who are, well, basically Repugs but with ever so slightly more compassion than the wingers who want to turn society into a mix and match of day labor and prison yard.

    Anyway...yeah, looks like it'll be a mostly indoor weekend. Well...I need the rest. My job isn't physically taxing, but it does take my time, and the extra rest is...appreciated.

    Have a good weekend up there.

    See you later.