Tuesday, June 23, 2015

But Of Course...

From Album3
Yes, a deranged clod comes to the defense of the symbol of treason in defense of slavery...and to repeat, I'm under no illusions as to why some are writing it off, but any step here is better than no step...


  1. I still fail to understand why anybody with even one half of a functioning brain cell can stand to listen to old Limpburger. Way back when, we still had the old TRS-80 computer (Radio Shack 1988/89) and all we had was the old Compuserve CB as a "chat" area, some of the gang I talked with often said they were listening to Rush. Well, I chime in and say I like their music and have three of their albums and more on my must buy list. It took them a few minutes, but they told me no, not "that" Rush, but Limpburger.
    The safest bit of all that was most of them liked this moronic clown. I didn't miss them all that much when they deserted to IIRC chat. We couldn't do that as the TRS-80 only had a 300 baud modem. Yes, when I was on the "information superhighway" it wasn't much beyond an old wagon trail, and nearly twice as dusty, but when it rained, tons of mud. It rained a good bit as the mud sure got slung along about 1989/90/91. We got a Mac Quadra in 92, finally.
    As to the now gone flag, well, it is just a piece of colored cloth. In the Marines we had a rather nasty song about the Marine Corps flag being a dirty old rag and more about the commandants' wife being less than virtuous. No, I cannot remember the entire song. Hey, my enlisted ended in June 1972, Good grief, I just did the "math", that was 43 years ago! Bloody hell, I AM getting old.
    Ah well, as one older man we met, he was 84 at the time, told us, every day above ground is a good day. I won't end up underground, my carcass is going to the furnace. Cheaper that way. Ashes to ashes and all that silliness.
    Yes, it is too bad that the US of A has the massive military to force/enforce its will on others still. This country needs to wake up, our time as number one is past. We can go slowly like the British empire did, or hard like some others from history have gone. I'd prefer the easy/soft (or at least semi-soft) landing. I could go on and on about the drones and special ops/snipers, but that would be a blog rant and this is not my blog.
    Now, you not only need to stay dry, but cool. We have had heat index in the upper 90's here and it is just now officially summer. August should be a joy…….not.

  2. Another short comment here -- just had power come back on after another storm outage...damn...anyway, I think I mentioned this before, but I was in Madison when I first heard about Rush Limbaugh. I don't know if any radio stations in liberal land even carried the asshole, but when his TV show was scheduled, I thought I'd check and see what/why...wow, he was...boring as shit, really stupid...hell, at least Morton Downey Jr. really played an asshole to the hilt. Lamebone was...bad.

    But, guess he speaks their language.

    Hey, I had an old Mac Quadra as well. Paid quite a bit of money for a used one in the early 90s...Christ, couldn't even give one away now (I think it went to the recyclers), but I did see as recently as five years ago someone saying they hosted a very basic website on an old Mac.

    Well...sorry for the short comment. Just glad power's back on. Take it easy.