Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two More On Board The Clown Car

From Album 5
Sorry, no links, just had power restored after an outage...anyway, Gilligan announced today, and Skipper's apparently going to next low can they set the bar?


  1. CenLamar has his own version of the speech he thought Gilligan, er, lil' buddy, um lil' Bobby should give when he announced he was running for POTUS. I was surprised at how nice it was, but he almost always keeps his posts polite, unlike me. Well, when I get pissed enough to post about something, my old "Marine speak" tends to come out, and then some.
    Glad you have power back. We don't often have power loss and usually for less than an hour. The city does almost as good a job as Cleco, well, sort of, mostly.
    You did really good with this one, Bobby looks perfect as "little buddy"…….you made me laugh anyway. Thanks for that.
    Take care and have a good week, what is left of it. Hope the weekend goes well for you and Tigger. Check in again tomorrow.

  2. More rain today, but the power stayed on. Thanks for the heads up about Lamar. I'll go take a look. Everything I heard suggests he's just going through the motions, hoping for a cabinet post (VP is out of the question -- they don't need to do anything to get Loosiana or the Deep South generally)...maybe a think tank or Fox news gig to tide him over. But otherwise...just an ego trip.

    Kind of like Buddy Roemer in 2012...though...Buddy isn't my favorite, but was nice enough some time back when I recognized/said hello to him at the grocery store. And Rachel Maddow found him acceptable enough to offer him airtime...

    Anyway...otherwise, a slow day, though you can see I though it was slightly better than nothing for the Supremes to not destroy the health care bill on the basis of a typo. Hell, the wingnuts don't grasp how good this is for them: if that was the new normal, they'd never get any of their pet legislation rammed through. And Roberts gets to play good cop while he looks for more ways to gut voting rights. Still...better than a loss.

    Catch you later.