Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doctor Roberts

From Album 5
So, the wingers are in full whinge mode...good...though it's more cause for relief than out and out celebration. Wow: Six justices, including the chief and Kennedy, managed to keep SCOTUS from forever being a abject wingnut political tool on one issue. Better than nothing, but...I'm guessing it'll take oh, a decade or so, you can bet if the health care law continues to work acceptably, they'll eventually claim it was their idea to begin with. And, in a sense, it was. Hell, I even remember DINO John Breaux talking about a health insurance mandate sometime in the early 2000s. But right now the very fact that what they pined for, more than anything else, was a way to make millions of people hurt for nothing more than a typo, a technicality, tells you everything you need to know about modern wingnut Republicanism. Hate and hurt is all they've got.


  1. Yes, I agree with you. More of a relief, as in dodging a bullet than a real win and jump for joy.
    It IS very funny, in a non-laughing way, how they liked this same basic plan when Mittens pushed it in Massachusetts. Oh, wait, now it is some guy with a better tan than the orange man from Ohio and he is a member of the donkey wing of the war party. Silly old me, must be going senile, I must remember, it is good only if it comes from the elephant wing.

    Yes, if it works well for most folks, I'd be willing to bet the old farm that the Reich wingers will say it was their idea all along. It may not be until after my time is up, but some younger folks may remember how it really has been. Well, I sure hope some will remember. True, it may be again hope seeing as how degraded the educational system of the country is now.
    We got a heavy rain storm this afternoon and lost power for a few seconds. Probably just tripped a main breaker close to the apartments. It has happened before, not fun, but it comes back in a short time usually.
    Stay dry, we may get rain every day except Sunday then rain for next week. Need to see how high the old Red River is now.

  2. Also saw today that Obamacare isn't all that different from Dickcare, Dick as in Nixon. Believe it or not, he proposed a health care reform that was axed by Ted Kennedy, who thought we could do was the 1970s, after all. Kennedy later expressed regret, though at the time...

    Also saw that Carter had a supermajority -- and a Rethug caucus that wasn't quite as batshit insane -- but he didn't get around to proposing anything (though he said during the campaign he supported single payer -- one of my middle school classmates, who's daddy was a doctor, made sure to bark about socialized medicine once or twice...and yeah, I'm odd enough to remember that).

    Good luck with the river. Got more rain today, but no power loss. That said, looks like my DieHard portable power no longer keeps/holds a charge. I think I can replace the battery for less than replacing the unit. Have a different one that got me through the last outage...was able to at least keep a light on.

    Have a good one.