Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Yes, there are much more important things today, but I'll raise a glass to Patrick Macnee...RIP.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Thanks for this one. Brings back some good memories. I always thought Steed was super cool, always so clam. The old stiff upper lip I suppose. Mr. Macnee was a fine actor in his own right of course. And you bet, I was about as close to in love with Ms. Rigg/Mrs/ Peel as a young teen boy could be. She was the whole package, beautiful, sexy as hell, and could fight like a wild cat when needed. In short, the perfect woman….LOL.
    Hope you can get a new battery for your power supply. I have an older APC uninterruptible power supply. Got it in 2003 and had to replace the battery about a year ago. Now, it will not work/is not comparable with Mac OS X 10.8.5. The cd I got with it only goes to OS X 10.2. I asked tech for help, they told me to check out the FAQs on there web site. OK, great, um, er, no, not quite. See my UPS does not have a usb port….LOL. My next question to them is going to be, do they have a newer model that uses the same battery I have that I can buy without a battery? The newer one will have at least one usb port. The joys of having older equipment. Well, why buy a new power supply when the old one still works? Um, because it doesn't support my current OS. Sometimes I think some things change just for the hell of change itself.
    Hope your weekend goes well.
    Oh, Tigger if a purr rect fit for Steed and Mrs. Peel. He deserves and extra treat and an ear rub. Get some rest this weekend.

  2. Thanks on the picture-obviously I only caught the show in reruns, but I've always liked English TV -- they assume the audience has at least a somewhat functional brain. Oh, and I heard Diana Rigg is actually still doing work on Game of Thrones, which some friends tell me is good, but...there's only so much time, so that's not on my list of shows.

    Funny on the power/battery -- finally gave up on charging it, but cut it on to see if anything would work...and suddenly it went from 50 percent to 99...maybe I just need to run something off of it every once in a while (it's a portable power device that normally stays in the car, since one of the things it does is function as a jump starter and has an air compressor -- which has come in handy at least once).

    As for your own battery...hmmm...maybe you can just use the battery with an inverter to have lights or whatever during a power outage.

    Otherwise...the weekend went ok. Got the yard done between storms. Had to move to a different cubicle at work, which took up half my day today, long as I'm not being shown the door...

    Take it easy.