Wednesday, June 10, 2015

David Brooks Has A Sad

From Album 5 do several of his fellow pundits. Wow--Hillary Clinton is appealing to liberal political interests? Mercy...

As others have said, it's going to be a long campaign...


  1. Do people with a small bit of sanity and/or a healthy does of real love for this country actually read, much less care what lil' Davie Brooks says? I tried to read a few of his columns, but never seem to be able to finish them. Stomach turning is being polite, and I am trying hard to be polite this evening.
    Funny how the actual campaigning has yet to really start and still the clowns on the Reich wing are already saying that Hi-Larry is going about it all wrong. Well sure, why not? After all, they do not want her to win and even better, I bet they don't want her to run for POTUS.
    Now, full disclosure, she will not get my vote, but I won't vote for either wing of the war party. Surely some minor path will still qualify for the Louisiana ballot in the general election, that is where my vote will go and I do not care one tiny bit about the idiots who will tell me that that is wasting my vote. If it is MY vote, then it is not wasted no matter what person I vote for.
    Glad you and Tigger have treats stocked up for the week. You both need that.
    Hope you heal soon and are back to as close to 100% as possible.Yeah, let the pruning go a while. Have a great week.

  2. Looks like the weather will decide if even basic grass cutting gets done. As for the "pundits," it sure does tell you more about them than anything else: always ready to approve "centrist" policy, i.e., more pain for the lesser classes...and equally ready to tsk tsk anything that barely smacks of ... virtual consensus that society is more than elites and super elites.

    Hell, we all know Hillary would do nothing to actually rock the boat. Perhaps a few more crumbs in our direction, even suggest we have the RIGHT to vote, as opposed to having to jump through hoops to get registered, is now some sort of dangerous radicalism.

    You know, I was thinking last night: the late Martin Luther King was, if I remember right, originally named Michael King. Don't know if they ever changed his birth certificate. Which means, by Texas (and a lot of other states) standards, King could not get registered to vote.

    And it's not like the "responsible" people behave responsibly: for example, look at the Loosiana lege, groveling to Grover and doing all sorts of smoke and mirror tricks to "balance" the budget without raising taxes.

    Damn...almost want to give them points for creativity. Except they constantly use the same "creativity" to screw the poor, the sick, the students...anyone without money already.

    OK, that's my rant. Time to kick back. Tomorrow I get the stitches removed...and then have to go to work. So it goes. Well, at least I've got a job to go to...and I'm actually, well, relieved.

    Take it easy.