Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Now Rummy's Slithering Forth...

From Album3
...with his own revisionist history. Jerk...and that's putting it nicely.


  1. Yes, I saw a few articles where he made some comment about W. Shrub being wrong to "give" democracy to Iraq. Just because they have held an election or two does NOT make Iraq a democracy. Hell, the US of A has never been a real democracy. We were, heavy emphasis on were, a democratic republic. Well, OK, now I have dated my old self (67 last December) as during my time in high school, (yes they did have high school when I was young) the country was more or less a democratic republic. I remember the "I like Ike" TV adds in the mid 1950's and Dad liked Stevenson, but served under Ike once they got to France. His unit was attached to Patton's army and he followed old Georgie from North Africa, to Sicily, and on to France.
    Rummy is just another of those slimy old war criminals who needs to be doing hard labor for life, along with Mr. 5 deferments and nearly every other member of BOTH W. Shrub administrations, not forgetting either of the two of Billy Bob Bubba nor the current (ig)Nobel piece prizident either.That hard labor would be to make little rocks from big rocks, if they fail to meet their daily quota, no supper. Oh, and Ollie the shit North gets to join them. I still want to kick him squarely in the nuts so hard he'd have to pee out his nose for the rest of his miserable life. His "excuse" during the Iran-Contra hearings was he was "just following the orders of his president". Well that doesn't fly Ollie. I remember a boot camp lecture in the summer of 1968, we were told we were obligated to disobey unlawful orders. Subverting the Constitution, Congressional rulings regards arms sales, well, that is about as unlawful as it gets.
    Now, you can, if you wish, just chalk this rant up to me being an old, grouchy Vietnam war vet and a heathen and a socialist. No matter, it is my opinion and I think I have earned my right to it. Not upset with you Michael, just these clowns like Rummy piss me off to no end. They belong in jail doing hard time, not allowed to be out and free.
    Glad your injuries are not too bad. Got to be careful with that pruning trees. If you use a ladder, make damn sure it is anchored really well before you climb it. Oh, NEVER stand on the top of a step ladder or any other ladder either. Your body will thank you for that.
    Hope you heal up soon.
    Best to you and Tigger. Hey, how about a nice treat of some sort for the two of you? Yeah, have a treat, you'll feel better. Take care.

  2. Yes, treats are in order for the both of us...despite the injury, I was able to grill Sunday and have plenty of stuff in the fridge and freezer.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what angers me more: the obvious lying about their intent now, or the lying then. I think the lying then burns more, just because I was finally at an age where I was beginning to really understand the bigger picture...and watching the appeals to what really were non-starters was making me...well, angry.

    The notion that we would somehow magically spread democracy in Iraq? If they believed that, good lord, what fools...if they didn't --and Rummy's trying to take that tack -- then they lied through their teeth. Well...I think it was a little of both: fools perfectly willing to lie for short term policy and especially political advantage, without a lot of regard for the longer term consequences.

    A similar policy worked so well in...Iran. Yes, that's sarcasm.

    A BETTER policy would be a concerted effort to move from oil to renewables, as you well know. No, oil won't be out of the picture, but make it less internationally strategic, and we won't go running all over creation trying to secure it. And I'm still convinced that there's a future where oil will be far less important than renewables. After all. oil is just solar energy concentrate. And there are other ways to tap into that resource.

    Well...lemme get back to stuff...another couple of busy days. Tomorrow's got stuff at work, and Friday the stitches come out.

    I'll be holding off on pruning for a while

    Take it easy.