Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
In Vermont. Because of this (video link). If you have five minutes, it's worth watching...well, assuming you don't mind being a grown up.

Have a good weekend.


  1. First off, sorry about lack of comment yesterday. We went up North near Marthaville and didn't get home until 8PM and today I was wore out. It was worth the drive as the wife and two of her sisters got to visit their nieces and a nephew they hadn't seen in some time.
    As to the Huckster, yes, remember how he helped that not guy get out of jail after raping and killing a woman, just so he could do the same to another innocent woman. I'd have to say that old Huckabee has a problem picking his friends. He wants my vote? He does not have enough cash, but then the entire world doesn't have enough wealth to bribe me to vote for him or any other member of either wing of the war party.
    As to your linked video, we cannot actually expect Mrs. Alan Greenspan to ask any sort of real, serious question of Bernie. A few articles, even at Counterpunch, have suggested that Bernie is a fraud. In the end, he will drop out and tell his supporters to vote for Hi-Larry. Also, he is not a real socialist, not even a good democratic socialist, but to each his/her own.
    Did the stitches get taken out today? Hope your wound is healing OK. Let the pruning wait a while.
    Tigger looks great against the fall colors of Vermont.
    Oh, Linda, my wives' niece we visited yesterday, says she has ten cats, I got to know and play with about 7 of them and she also has at least six dogs, all were friendly enough once they figured I was harmless. The all black cat (aka; basement cat {yes, I go to Lol cats every day}) was an attention hog. he could not get enough of my attention. All in all it was a very nice day even though I paid for it today.
    Have a good weekend, maybe it won't rain too much.

  2. The stitches are gone -- good -- and things are looking up on that front. Even managed to mow the lawn between storms, so it was as good a weekend as could be expected. And...even did something for work that required a little overtime Sunday... problem re: Huck's horror. Glad the visit went well. That's far more important.

    As for Bernie, well...yeah, it's likely he will drop out at a certain point, and endorse the lesser of evils. That's unfortunately how it works, but...if he can push Clinton a bit leftward -- which he and Warren are doing -- that's something...and, no, can't say I LIKE it, but I'll take what I get...while hoping they continue to push for more.

    Anyway...gotta get to stuff over here. Take it easy. Ah...extra cats. Sometimes I wish I'd gotten another buddy for Tigger...almost got his sister, but someone got her first (I would have adopted both). These days, know how it is with cats. Could be ok. Could be trouble.

    Talk to you later.