Monday, June 08, 2015

No Photoshopping Necessary Today

From Album 5
That's an actual screen grab from Senator John Thune's Twitter account. And, if memory serves me right, he's considered one of the saner wingnuts (yeah, I know, one hell of a sliding scale). But...well, The Rude Pundit has his term, I'll just go with what-an-asshole. And the fact that he felt like he could get away with this also speaks volumes. Sure, politics...but is there ANY room for a modest degree of truth and accuracy? Fuck.

And...ok, one picture...since we're talking about assholes, here's Ted Cruz being one...again.
From Album 5


  1. Firstly, Great photo of Tigger. I agree, no photoshopping needed. No wonder you took him in. Lucky for you, you saw his photo before I did. Yeah, I am a long time cat lover. I like nearly any animal, but cats are top.
    No, no need to add anything to the Thune tweet. Some things actually do speak for themselves and this is one of them. Asshat or any other term is almost too polite, even what Rude Pundit called him is too nice. Told you I have a nasty side to me. I detest these holier than trout types and also rich clowns who did nothing to earn their monies. At least the old time robber barons got down and dirty amassing their fortunes, their kids and following generations just got the luck of birth to get theirs.
    Oh no, not the Cruzer again……well, we will no doubt be hearing more from him in the coming months. Too bad the campaign cycle is not limited to a maximum of 100 days before the primaries and the general election should be less than 90 after the last of them.

  2. Oh, one more thing. NO corporate monies allowed, an absolute max donation of $100.00 per person to a candidate and NO "personhood" for corporation either. Yeah, I know, I am a damn socialist, so what?

  3. Public finance and limited campaigning is the least. But...damn, it ain't gonna happen in the US of Money Talks A. A model certified and stamped by the Supreme Idiots.


    Add in the spite voters ("What's the Matter With Kansas?" -- they want to make everyone as miserable as they are) and...voila. Recipe for disaster, a disaster we'd already have seen if this country wasn't so insanely wealthy...or insanely powerful, take your pick. Probably both: political power is the basis of global wealth, or so I'll claim, for all that's worth (not much, I admit).

    As for Tigger, well...yeah. Saw his picture and decided he'd be one fine cat. And he is.

    Anyway...short comment here. Am a little tired and sore. Had a bit of an accident pruning the tree. Ugh. Not my finest moment. Had to get a couple of stitches where I cut myself in a stupid accident. Nothing serious, thank heavens, but unexpected.

    Well. Take it easy, hope the rain is tolerable. Down here had some standing water for a while on the roads (imagine how bad it'd be if the "small government" types REALLY had their way), but looks like it'll be clear till the weekend.

    And I'll be holding off on more tree pruning for a few weeks, at least.