Thursday, June 18, 2015

Leave It To Faux Noise

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Because after all, what religious minded person wouldn't be thinking of a place of a place to pack heat. Good lord, they're worse than bratty children.


  1. Well, it IS Faux Noise so, what can we expect but crapola and more crapola.
    Holy hell, it IS legal to conceal carry into church in Louisiana, since 2010 according to the linked article. And that gives me one more reason to avoid church, to go with my other numerous reasons I do not attend church except for the odd wedding and family/close friends funerals that are held in those places. My funeral, such as it is planned is just take my carcass, put it into a cardboard box, place box in furnace, light the furnace, wait till reduced to ashes, put a small amount of said ashes in an urn and set that urn in a wall at the local military cemetery. I have asked for NO religious mess at all and I was also told it is NOT required to post a death notice in the local paper or any paper, so, there will not be one.
    Sorry you lost your internet at home. Yes, use the smart phone net sparingly. I hear that can start to run up a high price if you over do it.
    Stay dry, we may for the next week or so, maybe.
    Last Thursday when we went North to visit, the folks there said the Red had crested in Shreveport. Well, tropical storm Bill has dumped more rain into the Red in Arkansas and Oklahoma, so, I bet the Red will rise in Shreveport again now. We are past fold stage here in Alexandria. I have seen that before, a few years back, 2010 if I recall. This year is worse so far with more water to come. The Pineville side looks to have got the worst of it for now. We drove across the new bridge, not fully opened yet, it is to replace the old O. K. Allen bridge and there was very little of the concrete piers above water on the railroad bridge. In my 15 years here I have never seen that much water in the Red. Need to get to the Pineville side by the Jackson Street bridge and get some photos of the Red from that side.
    OK, I have rambled on far too long. Didn't mean to bore you.
    Stay dry Michael. Best to you and Tigger too.

  2. Oh, as for the smart phone, I'm lucky enough to have unlimited data -- work picks up some of the tab. In exchange, it's my mobile device they can use to get hold of me if needed. But it kills the battery big time.

    Anyway...damn, sounds scary with the Red River. Geez. Alas, I haven't been reading the local rag, and don't know if they'd cover it anyway, despite it sounding like a big deal and scary story. But...then again, if it doesn't affect conservatives personally. Sigh.

    And yeah, I remember when the bring-your-gun-to-church law passed. Christ. Pun intentional. That really IS nuts. On the other hand, and to my discredit (well, a little bit) I found out today that many churches have armed guards. Guess the collection plate could be a little too tempting. Still...

    Again, I don't care how many or what kind of guns people own...but...owning guns isn't an absolute right to bring them anywhere and everywhere. I tried to think of an analogy -- well...let's say I like to, oh, I don't know, pursue happiness (in the Declaration, not in the Constitution, per se, but)...anyway, my pursuit of happiness doesn't entitle me to, ahem, let's be diplomatic, utterly debauched behavior in public. Not even during Mardi Gras, where certain behaviors are a bit more tolerated.

    I wish the gun nuts would just grow up. A gun is a tool, not a toy. And an adult treats it with the respect that a potentially lethal tool deserves.

    And as for the wingers claiming the guy was after Christians...or worse, that we need MORE guns...Oh...

    Well, have a good weekend. Hope the water doesn't get too high. Over here, the forecast doesn't guarantee rain, so am keeping my fingers crossed. Might take a look at Google Maps for the Jackson Street bridge.

    Take it easy.