Wednesday, June 17, 2015

More Proof...

From Album 5
..that if you liked the miserable failure and one of the worst presidents ever, you'll love his younger brother...


  1. It should be obvious that I would not like Jeb as POTUS. I despise W and his entire administration, both of them with very, very few exceptions. He did have one or three decent people in the first one, but as I said, very few.

    OC instead of Tigger? Well, not too bad, we had a female cat for Sandy cat about five months after we got Sandy when I still lived in SoCal, she was a Calico cat and Sherie said I should name her. She was our pick at the local no kill shelter. The worker got her from the cage that had about 20 young female cats, she got on my shoulder, dug in with ALL her claws so we had to keep her. We called her Patches. Not known for my originality myself, LOL.
    I think I like cats best because as the saying goes; yell at a dog and the dog will sulk with a look towards you as if to say "sorry I promise to never do that again.
    Now, yell at a cat, IF the cat even bothers to acknowledge you, the cat will give you a look that says, screams actually, "you are NOT talking to ME in that voice".
    I like cats best because they are so independent and yet so damn lovable, on their terms of course.
    Hope the rest of your week goes well.

  2. Well, quick comment here -- am on smart phone hot spot. Looks like the storms knocked out my main internet. Cool on your rescue -- yeah, Patches, Fluffy...Tigger...I had another orange guy. For veterinarian purposes he was named "Earl," since he would wake me up early in the morning, but I used to call him "big fella," since he was (I'm pretty sure) part Main Coon, and was, well, big for a cat. Oh, I miss him...but stuff happens.

    Tigger's actually still got a bit of kitten in him, so he's a little less independent, but hey...and that might also be from his being an indoor cat. That works, though: he's here for me...and I try to be here for him.

    Well, let me get going - the phone hot spot drains the battery pretty good, so I should ration out. Hope the weather didn't get y'all too badly over there. Down here, no internet, but at least no structural damage.

    Take it easy.