Monday, June 15, 2015

Florida Man Announces Run

From Album 5
So, Jeb's in the race...inspiration for the picture here...


  1. Glad your stitches are out and you are healing OK.
    Yes, one cat can be ten too many at times. For a while before I had to move town apartment,couldn't keep up with the physical work around the house I still own, I had 11 cats. I tried not to have those last 5, but lost my paperwork that had the month they were born in, so I didn't get the girls spayed in time. I kept me busy and the bed was crowded at night as they all had to sleep on the bed with me.
    I got a kick out of the Florida man bit. I see in the NYT article, Jeb claims to have the best experience. OK, just how does he figure that? All he has been is a governor of a state, just like lil' Booby Jindal. Does that mean if Jeb gets the nomination Booby may be his choice as VP?
    Sorry about that last question, I couldn't stop myself from typing it. It would be the end of this country as the world has known it, and not for the better.
    Have a good week and try to stay dry, we may get rain up here most every day. The Red River is still rising in Alexandria. They were talking last Thursday about it cresting, yeah, in Shreveport.

  2. Booby will never be a VP...or a P, and I'll refrain from saying PP...ok, I did, and thus ends my foray into my inner five year old. PBJ is angling for a cabinet post, probably Health and Human Services, where he can do on a national level what he did here: FUBAR the system. Nice work if you can get it.

    And Jeb, true to Florida Man, is apparently running as...Florida Man, at least according to Krugman. He hopes the media won't point out his record of economic "growth" was basically a housing bubble. Christ.

    Might as well have Trump running. His record is about the same: bankruptcy disguised as genius.

    As for cats, well...they're not entirely solitary, so good you had others around...on the other hand, they can be choosy in who they interact with. As I said, wish I'd gotten Tigger's sister, but...

    Anyway, busy day again at work, so a short comment here and now to evening an extra can of food for the feline.

    Take it easy.