Tuesday, June 30, 2015

No Cure For The Summertime Blues

From Album 5
Not even watching this clown fizzle and burn out can amuse me today...I think the weather's got me feeling just kid of blah...


  1. Well.you knew it was going to happen. Big deal, another clown has joined the elephant gang circus side show. Christie, lil' Booby, "the Donald", the Huckster, Cruz, and who knows how many others might join in soon. One thing is guaranteed though, no sane human, not even one with only one-half a functioning brain cell can say this represents the "best and brightest", because IF that were the case, then the (not so very) old US of A is in deeper cow poo than even I think it is.

    I agree with you about satirizing/ridiculing the clowns/idiots/etc. beats hatred any day and, as you said, it drives them bonkers. All the more resin to keep making fun of them. Also, by using humor/satire takes much more creativity than simply hating them. I got a lecture from Sherie years back, we had a neighbor who was a total moron. I made fun of her writing skills. She'd given Sherie some paper or other and wanted it copied exactly but on a printer, not just he down handwriting. Her spelling ability would make a second grader of my time, yes we had grade school back then(smirk), any way, that paper earned the neighbor the nickname of Paided. See, she had written, long hand that she had paided her bills on time. As I said, the printed copies had to be exact copies, so they were. I still was using the old TRS-80, from Radio Shack then and it didn't have much of a spell checker, if it had any at all. Plus, even for this comment, I can over ride the spell checker, easy as pie, just tell it to ignore.
    Sherie said I was going for an easy target. Well sure I was, sometimes one needs the practice, even if it is a sure thing. The ting is, most of the politicians in the US lately make such easy targets that I think my skills at satirical/sarcastic comments have declined. Well, when all you are offered is shooting fish in a barrel, you either take a shot or walk away. Walking away is sort of like quitting and I never was taught how to quit, not by Dad, certainly not by the Marines.
    Sorry for the long comment, I didn't intend to go on so long. Well, I have mentioned that I do talk too much…..LOL. It IS true though, even in person. I do try and be a good listener as well.
    Hope you and Tigger have a good week.

  2. I'd use "Paided" for every one of them that's boarded the Rethug clown car. Well, as I note above, you reap what you sow: it's all wink wink nudge nudge until a generation or so in you've got nitwits that actually believe at least some of the rhetoric (e.g., Palin, Sarah)...I think that old German radical journalist/philosopher who got stuck living as a "stateless" person in England -- one Karl Marx -- pretty much hit the nail on the head when he said history is repeated, first as tragedy, then as farce. I think that was in response to Napoleon's grandson, but I'd have to check.

    That goes doubly for these pale ghosts or Raygun, who wasn't exactly Pericles or Caesar either...more like Bonzo's keeper, at least in the movie.

    Anyway...I'm steeling myself for Hillary, who won't be much better, but can't be any worse. Can't...and for Governor Diaper Dave...sigh...I used to be really interested in the process, but damn if Rove, Frank Luntz, and all of them...just make me sick. Damn...

    Well, time for Tigger's evening snack. He's giving me that look. More rain over here today, but if it's dry enough this weekend it'll make up for it...

    See you later. Oh, I caught Lamar White's article at Salon. Good for him.