Thursday, July 02, 2015

"You Break It, You Pay For It"

From Album3
I'm sure it's not OVER over -- the first sentence says "a tentative deal" -- but compared to the decades long litigation in Alaska after the 1989 spill...

Let's give it a Friedman Unit (i.e., 6 months) and see what BP says then...


  1. Well sir, I saw that headline on at least three different web sites today alone. Oh, two of them are Russian based sites. Yeah, it made international news.
    My reaction to all of them, full disclosure--I did not read the full report on any of the sites, was, do NOT get too happy until the money has been handed over. You give it six months? I wish it will happen that fast. I bet this drags on for six years, at least. Hey, I have mentioned a few times before, I am old, cynical, and very sarcastic. I can be nice when needed or just because I enjoy being nice as a rule, but when multinational corporations are the main critter for discussion, well, my dark side comes out, fast.
    When the money actually does come to the state, I hope against hope that it is used for the people who suffered from that disaster and not end up funding some damn fool political crap. Yeah, I know, I must have my head in the clouds for saying that. And so it goes.

  2. Yeah, BP and all the other corporations do this all the time...the big announcement and great gesture, then they start the REAL whining. But of course ordinary schlubs like the rest of us are expected to get along, go along...and pay the price when WE break it...or just happen to live in the same country, like with the financial bailouts.

    Cynicism? Nah, just common sense...

    Well, Tigger once again has me typing with one hand, and am a little tired, so this'll be short. Looks like rain tomorrow and Sunday, so got the yard done and will cook up a big old batch of chicken and sausage gumbo. Taste a little now, and freeze the rest for fall/winter.

    Hope your fourth of July is as pleasant as it can be. Take it easy. Tigger sends a hearty "meow."