Wednesday, July 01, 2015

He's Definitely No Jack Kennedy

From Album 5
And he's not even Vaughn Meader. But The Donald is the (as if you need one, but...sarcasm alert) "classy" essence of the GOOPer reap what you sow.


  1. I have one major complaint with the Slate article. He says the Jindal is more of a compromiser than Cruz. Maybe, but that would mean Cruz never, ever has compromised ever. When, oh when has lil' Booby ever compromised in Louisiana? I cannot think of one incident. If you know of any, please let me know when and what it was about. Lil' Booby just seems to stomp his little feet and pout until he gets his way with the state legislature and various state agencies. If they don't do as he wants, he fires those he can and demotes those he cannot fire. How can the author at Slate say Jindal comprises more than any other moronic dweeb from the elephant wing of the war party? Was he laughing as he wore that? He should have been.
    How stupid can the regular members of the elephant gang get? They see Trump as "one of them"!!!!??? How in bloody hell can that rich dweebus have anything in common with the supposed "base" of the elephant gang? OK, he may have a mostly human biology, but anything beyond that sets him very, very far apart from the "base" or as they used to call themselves, the "tea party". Funny, when was the last time this mythical "tea party" was in any news print or electronic? Silly old me, I must be getting senile as I cannot recall hearing of them for quite some time now.
    The Esquire piece nailed it. If Trump were in the election he'd lose 59 of the 50 states. Outstanding comment. And yet, the clown is rising in the polls. Well, at this early in the game, I'd say the polls are full of cow pies. Remember, I was born and grew up in dairy country, southern Wisconsin.
    I agree with your comments from the post of yesterday. The handlers or whatever they are/were ruined politics for me also. Yes, these idiots want a rerun of "saint" Ronnie. Oh, in that movie, Bonzo was THE star and the better actor. Hell, the poor chimp had to be on set with Ronnie.
    That reminds me, CCR did a song; "It came out of the sky". Yeah, another dusty oldie, well, I am 67 so there ya go. Any who, in it they get digs on Spiro, Ronnie and others like the Vatican and the White House and a kick at Walter and Eric on the TV news shows.
    I fear that Hi-Larry CAN be worse than we have had since 2000. Seriously. Also, please NO, not diaper Dave. Has this poor state not suffered far too much in these last 15 years? Yes, I am nearly resigned to having them both get elected/buy the election. As if there is a difference, thanks be to the nine "supremes".
    Got a nice hard, short rain here this afternoon. Our forecast has cloudy the next two days with rain possible Saturday and Sunday. Well, I don't/can't work so the weekend isn''t as big a deal for us as it once was. Hope your weekend isn't too wet.
    Have a good week Michael. Hi to Tigger too.

  2. Ooops. Correction needed here. Hey I am old so cut me a tiny bit of slack….LOL.
    The song "It came out of the sky" has NO mention of Spiro. I went to a lyrics site that I have used many times and found it and nope, no Spiro.
    It DOES say the "Ronnie the popular said it was a Communist plot" however. I still like the song even without Spiro.

  3. My best guess about Jindal "compromising" would be some of the giveaways he gave out, e.g., IBM right here in Red Stick, and I think there were a couple of smaller things up in North Loosiana (Union Tank Car, Pilgrims Progress)...but Bouie probably doesn't know -- nor would he much care -- about Loosiana or Booby, so it could also be a throwaway line.

    Oh...and there was also the loss on his tax plan, though that's not a compromise...that's a plain, flat out loss.

    I saw today that Rich Lowry and Megan Kelly are still defending Trump, though I skipped the most of the details. Who gives a shit what either one thinks, though the headline said Kelly was reduced to citing Ann Coulter (meaning the argument is batshit insane by definition); I think Lowry was trying to justify the anti Latino racism (Mexican elites don't need or want to emigrate, legally or illegally). Um. Duh. By the way, neither do middle class Mexicans and even most working or poorer Mexicans. The ones who do emigrate generally do so for temporary employment and move back.Insinuating that they're criminals, and particularly rapists, is...something that appeals to the base.

    As Diaper Dave well knows: despite not having many illegals (welll...more after Katrina, when they all but invited them in to rebuild -- I saw a number of people camping in New Orleans City Park), anyway, Diaper Dave made that a focus in 2010...

    Fear...and hate. That's what they've got.

    Well...hope tomorrow is a dry one. Might knock out the yard and some other stuff, then take Saturday totally off...

    Take it easy.