Monday, June 29, 2015


From Album 5
Sorry that the picture above is not original -- long day today, and I'm a little tired.

On the other hand, this is as good news as this is unsurprising. Hope Huck has some cheese to go with his whine.


  1. Nice that the two from Red Stick got their marriage approved and legal. I was wondering if lil' Booby would allow it here. Oh, the Onion did a great bit on his announcing to run for POTUS. You might want to check it out.
    As to the Huckster, well, he needs to go and reread his holly buy-bull. In it his doG even allows polygamy AND concubines for his favored ones, like dear old "wise"(??) Solomon. Yeah, take THAT Huckster you moronic dweeb. Man, I really do despise clowns like him and Herr Jindal to hell and gone.
    Just FYI, I do not hate, not anybody nor anything, well child molesters come damn close, but hate takes so much time and I was brought up that when I do something, I should do it right. Hate takes too much time to do right and is too negative. Now, I can and do despise some morons to hell and then some, like Ollie North and Mr. 5 deferments among others. Those two just pop to the front of my list any time I get on this subject.
    Glad your weekend went well.
    An office move is OK, as you said, you still have a job and that is quite something in the economy we have today.
    Hope your week goes well.

  2. Can't say I don't hate, but I really try to reserve it for the most despicable...for the same reason you give. Much better to forgo hate in favor of ridicule...because THEY hate that--hahaha.

    Sorry to cut this short, but I'll check out the Onion article...also typing with one hand while the cat's got my other one for a pillow...again...but no complaints...

    Take it easy.