Wednesday, July 22, 2015

But Only A Certain Type Of Jesus...

From Album 5
And He's no librul squish...


  1. Great photoshop today. Really a very good one. Rambo Jesus. OK, now you got me going. WWRJS? Who Would Rambo Jesus Shoot?
    Actually, the article you linked to is also great. Xtians killing other xtians, why it is just like the old days of the early xtian church. Give it some time and it might even become more like the Inquisition. Oh what fun those silly xtians will have with Rambo Jesus on their side.
    Yes, my comments tonight are very snarky, but, I meant it to be that way.
    Have a good week Michael.

  2. I was reminded after posting of how the same Jesus-was-a-neo-con types howled just as loud back when (I think it was) National Geographic published an artists rendering of what someone like Jesus probably looked know, a first century resident of Palestine/Judea...

    Funny though, their preferred Euro Jesus looks a lot like...a librul hippie squish. Go figure.

    Anyway, back to the grind over here. Take it easy.