Monday, July 20, 2015

Walker Pretends To Be Tough

From Album 5
Yeah, nothing like calling for a war you won't go to yourself...


  1. I am sure you have noticed how so very, very few of these clowns running for POTUS, Hi-Larry excluded, have never been in a shooting war, in fact very, very few, if any, have ever been in the military at all. Now, do not misunderstand me, just because I was dumb enough to enlist in the Marines, I do NOT see military service as a requirement to be POTUS, hey, if it was, we'd have had to exclude a number of past US presidents, like "saint" Woodrow, FRD of course, "saint" Ronnie, Hollywood movies do NOT count, and of course AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard, W. Shrub and his puppet master Mr. 5 deferments as he had "other priorities" during the Vietnam war. Naturally, Mr. 5 deferments was in favor of that war, just as long as he didn't have to go and be in it. Some say he was a chicken hawk, I say he IS chickenshit and a damn coward to boot.
    Walker, is he prepared to open his military service record to us commoners? How about Jeb? How about the Donald? How about ANY of the men running for POTUS. I excluded Hi-Larry as back then, she is in my general age group, women were not drafted into the military. Yes, I know, there is no draft as such and hasn't been one for some years. Well, we DO have a draft, it is an economic one this time.High school graduate with zero job prospects? High school drop out with even fewer job opportunities? Join the military, free room and board, plus neat uniforms and some training. Yeah baby, a job, with real pay checks. All volunteer military for the US of A? Really? Enlist or stave sure doesn't sound quite "volunteer" to this old guy.
    Maybe it is because I got very little sleep last night. Also, we went out and did a bit of shopping today and it was damn hot, heat index above 115 this afternoon. OK, we got back home just after 1PM, but it was at least a 110 heat index then. In other words, me being my long winded self, I didn't mean to come across all grouchy, it just sounds that way.
    Well, stay cool as best you can. Bets that Tigger does. That is the best thing about living with cats, they know how to stay comfy. Follow his lead and you'll be A-OK.
    Have a good week.

  2. The other day I was thinking about old Dick Cheney, and how, goddamn, he's gotta be the worst Veep ever, and that's setting the bar about as low as it goes, considering the list includes Andrew Johnson, who got drunk before his inaugural address and had to be lead off the stage and back to his seat by Abe Lincoln...and Aaron Burr, who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton...

    Dick, by the way, sort of combined both: he shot Harry Whittington...and then knocked back a cold one rather than, you know, contact the authorities. Wow...what a...Dick.

    And the tough talker chorus of Walker et al would happily sent thousands off to die in order to demonstrate how tough they are...I noticed that the big bloggers were all linking to an article about how they knee jerk react to ANY diplomacy with the old "Munich/Neville Chamberlain/Appeasement" nonsense...grow the fuck up: Iraq and Afghanistan proved that pretty much ANY conflict in the Near/Middle East will blow up in your face, sooner or later...probably sooner.

    Meanwhile, real issues like income inequality (or, as you put it, the economic draft) and global warming are dismissed...because tough guys can't be bothered with the fate of global civilization. Jeez.

    Well...back to stuff over here. Yeah, am staying out of the heat. Glad I work in an office: Saturday I saw some of the road crew folks, that's a hell of a way to make a living.

    Take it easy.