Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
In Lafayette this week. I wish he wasn't...what a horrible tragedy.

Back on Monday.


  1. Yes very sad day just about 80 miles South from me.
    Hope Tigger has access to a very fast transport home.
    I missed the post yesterday. It was not a good day here.
    I saw one article that said we are basically locked into a 6 meter sea level rise. I know, I know, the metric system. It is quite simple, a meter is just a few inches longer than a yard, three feet. So, a six meter rise is a bit more than 18 feet. That should frighten the crap out of even the most fervent climate change denialists. The sad thing is, it won't make any difference to them. Maybe when they are at the beach front home and it is under six feet of water, on the second floor, then it might make them understand.
    As to this recent shooting, words fail……..
    Have a safe weekend.

  2. of the victims was a friend of an acquaintance. The shooter was a lunatic, and just a horrible person...

    Hope your not so good day wasn't too awful...

    As for sea level rise...yet another fine mess...but...this is where the media has utterly failed...I linked to Krugman today for a different (but not dissimilar) reason, but his critique -- if climate deniers were flat earthers, the press would dutifully report, "Opinions differ on the shape of the planet." Sigh -- especially when people CHOOSE ignorance and make it a badge of tribal loyalty/identification...

    Well...have a good one.