Tuesday, July 21, 2015

OK, One More Time

From Album 5
Troll Trump gets recycled again, in honor of this Onion "column." Hell yeah, I want to see how far this goes, because staged train wrecks don't get any...classier...yeah, classier...than ones emblazoned with 50 foot high, gold plated letters spelling "TRUMP."

Enjoy reaping what you've sown, GOP.


  1. Well, even though the link is to the Onion, you know we seem to want to keep an eye on Trump. OK, we may not care that much and he most likely will not be the nominee for the elephant gang, but he is the most outrageous candidate so far. How can any of the others in the elephant clown car, candidates running for POTUS, ever even hope to out do the Donald? I swear, old Trump must love the taste of his over priced shoes as he seems to put his foot straight into his mouth so often. At least we have not had to endure some member of his campaign trying to explain to us just what he meant in his latest pronouncement. Yeah, he IS refreshing from say lil' Booby or W. Shrub.
    Oh, I remember mentioning to you a book;"The solar cat book" some time back. I found it at Amazon. They have used copies starting at $0.01. The new are too pricey, even for me. My copy, bought new long ago has the cost printed on the back cover, it was originally $3.95.
    Yeah, these supposed politicians we get in the US are something. They are so damn ready for war, but they and their family members never seem to be able to find the time to enlist, train, and then go to fight those wars they love so much. That was one major thing about Billy Bob Bubba Clint-stone that pissed me off to no end. I figured a draft dodger might be less eager to send troops off to some damn fool war. Boy were we surprised. The so-called "liberals" and even the supposed "progressives" are just as vile as what passes for "conservatives" in US politics. As an add on to that last statement, maybe we need to retire the labels conservative, liberal, and progressive from US politics for a while. Not a single major candidate in the past many years is anything in the same damn ball park close enough to fit any of those descriptions. We now have neo-conservatives, neo-liberals, and fake progressives. I have an idea, we can use one word to describe them all, whores. Money grubbing whores. Yeah, I know, it isn't even original, but man,it sure seems to fit like the proverbial glove. Yep, much better than the glove from the OJ trial. If it fits, they must admit……snark.
    Stay cool and have a good week. Don't work too hard, but don't goof off too much at work either. Thanks for your time reading my comments.

  2. That's right, it really doesn't matter who's nominally in charge of the military industrial complex, because THAT'S the government. And as long as it is, the idea of "small" or "limited/local" is laughable at best...though it's hardly a big secret that either/both are lies, coming from the people who want even more military, not to mention a death penalty that's little better than a lynch lottery...or eminent domain for shoveling even more $$$ to fat cat donors, just to name some items that never make their small government agenda.

    Trump is just the product of a generation or more of abject childishness masquerading as policy...how often has he been the beneficiary of sympathetic government? Well, there are the four bankruptcies (or equivalents), and I'd guess plenty of favors in the course of various development schemes...but, like Dick Cheney, he'll insist it's all his inner genius...yeah, right: easy to be "smart" when you start with big money and politicians lining your pockets.

    And nothing like war contracts -- a while back Talking Points Memo focused on a couple of well connected twenty-something Florida stoners who made tons of money as defense contractor middlemen. Sort of like Halliburton providing "services." And if they hadn't gotten SO greedy they ended up violating a contract term (forget the details, but it was something about buying from a former east bloc country that wasn't on the permitted list), anyway, if they hadn't done that, they'd probably still be raking it in.

    But neither one would ever actually, you know, serve their country. And neither would Trump. Or PBJ...or Cruz...nope...because it's not what they can do, it's what can be done for them.

    And no, the Dems aren't much better. But that's the "choice."


    Take it easy...