Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nicely Put

From Album 5
San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Scott Wiener:

“Fox News is not real news. And you’re not a real reporter.”

What else needs to be said?


  1. America, we have a new hero! I'll say it for others, it is long overdo for some politician/public figure to stand up and tell the truth about this Faux Noise bullshit that passes itself off as news. It is not news at all, just a nasty, mean spirited propaganda gang of mean spirited and highly ignorant, even quite stupid media personalities.
    Not that CNN, MSNBC, or any of the networks (networks) are much better. Crap I bet old Ted Turner is sick at what has become of CNN. It was one thing when HSN went to non-news programs in the evening, but now even the main CNN has gone that route. All in a ratings game with Faux Noise I suppose. Well, a pox on them all.
    I can get better real news from the net than from any TV channel and that does include the once vaunted BBC.

  2. I've been watching a BBC news app available on Amazon Fire TV that's not bad...also Reuters, which has what amounts to a raw feed with little or no narration.

    Fox/Faux is really, really ugly -- not the least reason being that I don't doubt for a second Murdoch would turn on a dime politically...if there was an extra dime to be had. He doesn't give a shit. Roger Ailes is ideological (see Joe McGuinnes, or however his name is spelled), but more important, is a raging asshole...not unlike Bill O'Reilly.

    And yeah, this guy's reaction was perfect. If only others would do the same...Howard Dean tried, but Dean's been tagged as "outside the mainstream" (even though he's not)...the Obama administration even gave small effort, but the rest of the press corpse [sic] threw such a hissy fit they ended up throwing up their it goes.

    Well...only a slight chancce of rain around here this weekend, but they say if it does rain, it could be heavy. Am hearing thunder off and on tonight, which Tigger doesn't like (think I've mentioned that previously). Anyway, have a good weekend...