Tuesday, July 14, 2015


From Album 5
One of those days -- sorry -- but, to get something out of nothing, that's what this James O'Keefe wannabe has. Nothing. Oh, the wingers and anti-abortion zealots will screech and holler, and do their level best to slam Planned Parenthood as their favorite object of hate now that ACORN is not more, but in the end, it's...nothing.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a bit more inspired. Until then.


  1. I agree with you, these clowns got rid of Acorn now Planned Parenthood is the target they are after.
    Notice how they use extremely deceptive tactics to doctor their "evidence". I used the quote marks for the word evidence as once the video/audio has been very heavily edited, it is no longer valid as real evidence. I'll go even further with this, why not seeing as how I am an old heathen, I'll bet the farm that this Live Action gang are very good Christians. Or, as I tend to call them xtians. Yeah, I bet they even have a front row seat at the church they attend regularly. Told you, I do have a nasty side and I am being nice with this comment, it can get nastier yet as needed.
    I haven't been to the Red lately, but it should be dropping by now. May need to go check it out tomorrow as I need to head to the pharmacy any way.
    Have a good week.

  2. Oh, they apparently are "good" Xtians, and they're also associated with James O'Keefe himself. Tells you all you need to know...well, that and old Booby getting on his high horse to announce an "investigation." Go figure.

    On the good Xtians note, I've been lately watching a lot of You Tube videos of Bart Ehrman...need to read a few more of his books. A very good antidote.

    Take it easy.