Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
Cats with Donald Trump Hair edition. And no, I would never be able to actually do that without Photoshop...more on Trump here, by the way, and worth reading if you've got the time.

Have a good weekend.


  1. First off, OK, yeah the Trump cats are sort of neat looking. I do hope this fad is short lived though. Poor Tigger, even photoshopped he does NOT look happy with the Trump look. No doubt in real life you'd never get that shot. Bets you'd be at the ER getting stitches and maybe even a transfusion due to excessive blood loss. Yes, that was a bit over snarky, but remember, I have shared my home with many cats in my life time, they don't like certain politics at all. While cats can be nasty when the mood strikes them, they'd never stoop to being like the Donald.
    Wow, that second link does a damn good job of explaining the Reich wingers. Noting to add to it, worth saving for future reference though. Thanks for sharing it.
    We have no rain in the forecast here, just high temps. You know, air temps about 98 to 100/101. The heat index, according to Weatherunderground tonight at 8:53 PM is still at 101, air temp down(??) to 88.5 F. I need to take my little infra red thermometer and check the pavement temps some day soon. Maybe next week when the air temp hits 100+, bet the heat index will be close to 115. It was at 108 here at 3PM. Hot and humid, Louisiana summers. Oh for the old days in SoCal, air temp of 105 but only about 15-20% humidity. You could cool off by just rolling down the car windows and drive about 55+.
    Well stay dry and cool if possible. Hey Tigger, get rid of that old rug….LOL. I think Tigger earned an extra treat for this one, maybe even two extras. Have a great weekend. We'll try and do the same here. Cheers.

  2. This weekend over here was just hot, humid...but dry. That said, looks like it rained at my house while I was at work today...actually good, as I lined a brick patio with some Quick-krete...and thinking it would rain, I was a little stingy on how much water I added. I think the rain got the mix about right.

    Was very, very hot though, both with that and with the regular yard work. Welcome to the new normal. Christ. Saw where a very reputable climate scientist -- forget his name, but I think it was over at Slate online -- thinks we've already set the wheels in motion for a much more rapid change, i.e., something like a ten foot rise in sea level in the next 50 years.

    That'll even raise the hair on Tigger...though yeah, no way would he tolerate that thing on his head. He's comfy over here right now, and it's time for his evening treat.

    Take it easy. As for the other link, it's Rick Perlstein, and I very much appreciate his writing. Young guy, too...I think at least five years younger than me...the kids are alright, as The Who might say...