Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tin Foil Hat Time

From Album 5
I can't believe I'm the only person who thinks, hmmm..., sounds like a relative of Jesse whenever I hear the term Operation Jade Helm. But of course the real relations, at least in mentality, are the nuts who think it's some fiendish plot to steal "our" Wal-Marts...


  1. Excellent photo of old, now dead, Jesse. He looks great with the tin foil hat. I bet he wore it under his white robe and hood when he was burning crosses on various lawns. OK, maybe that was a bit harsh, well, if so, tough beans and hard cheese.
    The second link is funny. Only in Texas. Um, the first link, after I log in with my giggle account says I am not authorized to view that site. Ah well, no problem.
    Hey, some good news for a change. They signed the agreement with Iran. Yeah, the P5 +1 actually have a valid agreement as of today! Well, will wonders never cease? Naturally old Nutty-assed Yahoo says that his beloved (read vile, disgusting apartheid regime) is NOT bound by this agreement. Well no shit Sherlock, when has the zionist entity ever followed any international laws? Oh, OK, maybe a very few times, but ONLY when it suits them and is to their own advantage. I'll stop this now, no need to set the NSA after me for my real wishes for that gang. I do keep some of my thoughts off the net, safer that way, less crap from the feds, etc..
    Well, all I have to add is stay cool and have a great week. I'll check back in tomorrow.
    Oh, one more bit of good news, New Horizons made it to Pluto and is sending back some really extraordinary photos and data! YES!! More knowledge, more cool things we didn't know about. That has to make a person damn happy.

  2. Yeah, I thought about making it a tin foil hood -- but then Jesse'd be unrecognizable.

    On Iran, this is a very good thing...hell, if Bibi and the Rethug wingers are whingeing, that alone should tell us something. More seriously, I watched the press conference, and thought Obama was, well right: the alternative is no agreement and essentially a call for war. Which worked out real good in Iraq and Afghanistan, eh?...and Iran would make both of those look like walks in the park.

    Calling for more war in the region is stupid..and ghoulish. Hell, the Iranians were handed regional hegemony on a silver platter, thanks to Team Bush. This agreement at least keeps them somewhat in check. Oh, and the sanctions were likely coming to an end anyway. I'd bet Dick Cheney, creep that he is, would be happy to do business with the mullahs.

    Oh, and war isn't exactly in keeping with either Xtian values or any alleged "concern" for the Iraqi citizens.

    As for Pluto, yeah, I'm a total space nerd as well. Love it: I've been streaming NASA TV on You Tube. I downloaded a Fire TV (Amazon) app, but it's not that good. You Tube (also in app form as well as on the computer) works just fine. Have also been reading the Bad Astronomy blog on Slate...yes, science. And for a lot less money than senseless wars.

    Take it easy. Yep, full summer heat around here, but as long as the insects are kept in check, I'm ok. Tigger earned his keep yesterday, apparently dispatching a roach that somehow made it in. Well...I do exterminator service, but nothing's perfect...glad the little guy takes care of the slack.

    Catch you later.