Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Amateur Artist To Visit City He Let Drown

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Well, not when he turned to amateur art, but only when he was the leader of the free world. a way the whole sorry, tragic, horrible display of epic incompetence by allegedly qualified leadership foretold what we see today. I don't have the slightest doubt the Trump stalwarts keeping him at the top of the GOP polling slagheap are the same ones who took victim blaming to new heights ten years ago, even as they pin their hopes on an even worse charlatan than Dubya, if that can be imagined.

As for Shrub, well...interestingly, his sorry record up to and including his two terms as president sure are reflected in his equally lousy attempts at painting. Oh, and as an aside: while I'm pretty sure a Trump administration would almost --almost -- make Bush Junior look like a veritable Pericles, I can't think of any Veep worse than Dick Cheney. None...and that includes Aaron Burr, who only shot and killed Alexander Hamilton.


  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    Yeah, I keep hoping myself. Every so often I get so damn sick of the crap being done to us and the rest of this planet I feel like quitting. Never learned how to do that. Dad never told me how and neither did the Marines. Fight until they kill me is all I seem to know. Sure, now days my fighting is just verbal, but at least I still try. I suppose that is all any of us can do, we try. Try and be good to each other and maybe this world will actually be a better place for all life.
    Oh joy, W. Shrub returns to the city he didn't care about, except to recall, as best his addled brain could, the good times he had drinking and doing whatever else he did while there. He sure was not very concerned after that storm tore through the area. Heck of a job Brownie. My dead ass!
    I also liked the comment at the link where it was pointed out the anniversary is 8/28, but Shrub won't arrive until 9/5. What, too busy with his latest "master piece" of art work?
    OK, I need to stop this now as my blood pressure is rising to off scale. IF he were some dead beat dad, as one comment mentioned, at least he could be taken to court and punished. Oh, but Shrub is an ex-president so he gets a free pass. Hell, this state has sent ex-governors to prison, so why can't he go as well?
    Have a great week, what's left of it.
    Best to you and Tigger.

  2. If Bush had any decency he'd issue a public apology...and stay the hell away. Meanwhile, PBJ managed to make an ass of himself, issuing a open letter lecturing Obama for allegedly "politicizing" the tragedy. Well, what the fuck else does a politician do? Of course he "politicizes" it, just like PBJ politicizes...and pollutes...everything he touches. Noting the obvious: that global warming makes natural disasters even worse is just common sense. I think Obama will likely also mention that it was a flood, not the storm, that did the real damage. A flood that wouldn't have happened if the flood walls had performed to specification. Hell, even a NOLA conservative blogger, who's name unfortunately I no longer remember, noted that...which means, weirdly, Katrina was sort of a blessing. If it'd just been a severe storm, and not the hurricane of the century, people might not have evacuated...and the ensuing flood would have likely killed several times as many people.

    As it stands, 1800 deaths in the richest nation on the 21st century? And PBJ wants to avoid "politics?"

    What a pompous ass.

    Well, it's time to get to evening chores and rest over here, so I'll keep this short. Take it easy.