Tuesday, August 25, 2015

As Ye Sow, Etc., Etc.

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I almost -- almost -- feel sorry for the yahoos and nut jobs taken in by The Donald, to the point where Frank Luntz admits his legs are shaking (and his head is probably exploding)...but...Luntz has no one to blame but so-called pundits like himself. And the yahoos and nut jobs falling for the cheapest of all sales patter (from a casino operator, i.e., a person who makes his living fleecing his customers) only earn my consideration, not my sympathy: they'll happily accept dog food and table scraps for little more than being allowed-if-not-encouraged to hate the other. Some harvest...


  1. Oh dear me. Poor lil' Luntz has his panties in a twist? Well, as the links point out very clearly, this is the same damn thing his dear 'saint' Ronnie said in 1980.
    I am certain you have heard the following at some time in your life; when you lay down with dogs, you are likely to get up with fleas, and then the golden oldie of my youth (possibly yours as well), you are known by the company you keep.
    The damn fool elephant gang has spent decades beating this same drum the Trump is now beating, he is ahead in most polls, if not all of them, and NOW they are frightened. Do any of the so-called leaders of that wing of the war party actually have even one half of a functioning brain cell among the whole gang? Trump is their very now creation, they paved the road for him and 'saint' Ronnie just made sure that road was nice and smooth. Every member of both wings of the war party have been playing this game for the last few decades, since the mid 1980's at least.
    OK, disclosure, I did vote for Billy Bob Bubba the first time around. My wife said he would win and, like many of my generation, we thought (unfortunately) it was finally our time to run things. Further disclosure, before the Clint-stones had been in office six months I had sent them an old fashioned letter (via USPS) telling him (both actually) how extremely disappointed I was in how they were doing and what they were doing to this country. I never voted for them again. It was the only time while I lived in California that I voted for a candidate who was not a member of the Peace and Freedom party for national office. We can all be fooled, as (not quite so) honest Abe was supposed to have said; you can fool some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Yes, I have learned, I hope, but along the way I have also become more cynical and more sarcastic, in particular about politicians in this country.
    Live and learn as Dad used to tell me when I messed up. Apparently, some seem to never learn. This is like the "Southern strategy" that Nixon used on steroids.
    It is actually looking like the inmates ARE running the asylum.

  2. p.s. Hope you are feeling better. Should have started with this. Sorry. Too worked up after those links. Ever wish you didn't care about all this? Some days I feel like it would be so nice to just turn it all off and leave it off. Ah, but that is not possible, not if I want to remain human. Caring about this country, this world can be very painful.

  3. Thanks on the well wishes. I was good enough to get to work, i.e., not a hundred percent, but why not go and save my days for better times, eh? Anyway...oh yeah, I've heard the dog/fleas analogy: and that's one reason why Clinton also was somewhat of a disappointment...but after what we got in 2000, well...get bit that hard and it'll stick with you. But I did vote for Bill in 92, then for Nader in 96 (and 2000, though I would have held my nose and gone with Gore if Loosiana had been even kind of close).

    So, again: not that Hillary offers me anything besides a modest holding action, but a holding action is slightly better than careening off the cliff. Maybe long after I'm gone saner heads will be either in charge or at least voting on a regular basis. And...that's one thing that really DOES bother me: yeah, I know, if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal...but voting CAN change a few things: hell, from the New Deal through Jimmy Carter, there was at least a modest attempt to establish a middle class...yes, only for some people (white) and only because essentially a universal mobilization had been needed to defeat the Axis powers, but...and then you had the 19th century land grant colleges these folks could attend on the GI Bill (thanks Senator Morrel and President Lincoln on those)...

    As I've said before, my own belief is...hold some modest hope, at least. Why? Well, because that's how I define myself. Couldn't live with me otherwise.

    Catch you later.