Monday, August 24, 2015

And They're Allegedly The Smart Ones

From Album 5
Oh sure, it's not the epic stupid of Trump, but for him, idiocy is a feature...Jeb and Scott, at least in theory, are supposed to be the grown ups. But what the hell, in this race, I can't think of a single Rethug who's not bugfuck insane.


  1. Grown ups? In the GOP? Man, you ARE feeling sick today.
    Glad you got your intern webs restored. Funny (not laughingly so) how they hook up a neighbor and unhook you. ėll, like one moron who attempted to install a satellite dish when I was living in the woods near Glenmora, he'd been a yard maintenance guy, grass cutter, before he got the new job. Just think, yesterday I was a fork lift driver, today I install cable TV/interwebs. 'Merikkka, what a country.
    I did read old Rude today and he hit it squarely out of the old park. Just what country are they going on about? Well, at least one of the nut bales says we need a wall between the US and Mexico. The (not so) great wall of Texas? Yes, I know, they want it to include New Mexico, Arizona, and California, but somehow, the "great" wall of Texas has a sweeter ring to it. Did I tell you I like sour lemonade? I don't use much sugar at all for most things. That is a poor attempt at explaining my sweet comment. No doubt it fell flat.
    I left an additional comment to the Friday one also. Can't have poor lil' PBJ trying to lift a sledge hammer. All he can pick up are campaign checks, but he has people to do that for him any way. Yeah, I am in a cynical mood this evening. Must be the weather. Hey, got to blame it on something. Oh crap, now that sounds like I am running for some elected office. No, I'd never even try, I prefer to stay out of the sewers.
    Hope you get feeling well soon.
    Best to you and Tigger.

  2. Yeah, I guess PBJ'd have to work with just a little tiny hammer...though it'd probably look pretty big in his little hands...and I'd bet he wouldn't be very useful with it. Oh, I think he's gone shooting guns with the Dork Dynasty folks, but I'm guessing that was heavily stage managed as well. own comment about Texas is ... one "s" short of being accurate, though...guess I shouldn't say that too much. I knew and was quite fond of a lovely woman from Texas...

    And thanks on the warm wishes. Am better today, but took another day of rest. Tomorrow back to work, and here's hoping all is well enough by the weekend. At least the weather took a turn for the better today.

    Back to stuff here. Take it easy.