Thursday, August 27, 2015

"We're Locked In"

From Album 5
Here's the new Louisiana coastline...assuming it doesn't get even worse.


  1. At least a three foot rise in sea level. OK, so how in bloody hell can anybody with even one half a functioning brain cell deny climate change now? Oh, and lil' PBJ and his "keep politics out" of the igNobel piece prizident and any speech he may give for this anniversary deal is beyond stupid. Of course having suffered through the time he has been the part time governor of this state, we both know that the clown has his photo in every dictionary to go with the definition of stupid. I hear even the big, best ever, English language dictionary, the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language is going to put his photo in the entry. Not that he may not have to share space with W. Shrub on that entry. Two peas in a pod? Maybe they are twins, separated at birth? Hey, in the Marines we'd joke with each other with the following; "I remember you. We went to different schools together."
    Seriously, a three foot rise in sea level makes New Orleans a lost cause in my opinion. Hey, most of that city is already below sea level. We can only build sea walls/levies so high, after that, well, the cost just gets so ridiculous it isn't worth the effort/materials. At least I won't be around to see that. I am way past my sell by date as is.
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow and a great weekend.

  2. Yeah, a three foot rise in sea level is essentially game over for, well, all of South Loosiana. Ouch. And what's really sad is that it didn't have to happen, and no, that doesn't mean we'd have to give up comforts and conveniences of modernity. We'd just have to be ever so slightly less childishly selfish. But we've got a governor and a major political party that demand the right to be abjectly stupid.


    Slightly off topic, but occasionally I'll engage in idle chat with friends about things like, say, extra-terrestrial life. Oh, I don't doubt it's out there, but...sentient, intelligent life? Well...I often argue, with some degree of seriousness, that, using our own species as an example, that we've not really demonstrated any capacity for long term survival of the kind that would permit any real exploration of the greater galaxy. And,,,if we're typical...

    Anyway...have a good weekend as well. I should be able to knock out the yard tomorrow, and I'm pulling out some less cooking on Sunday.

    Take it easy.