Thursday, August 13, 2015

Physician, Heal Thyself

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Ben Carson's selective own .000002 cents worth: Carson had every right to use fetal tissue for research, as does every legitimate researcher...but that also means lay off Planned Parenthood for making it available under all accepted guidelines.


  1. On some blog I read a few days ago, a question was put to the readers; would you allow Carson to operate on you? I doubt I would as from what little I know of him, he is an actual doctor of medicine, even a real neurosurgeon, but his religion gets in the way.
    Now being an old heathen, self described and an unbeliever in any god or doG, I have no problem with whatever beliefs any doctor I visit has. One qualification though, I'll keep seeing said medic if what they do helps me and that they keep their personal religious beliefs to themselves. I go to a medic for treatment for a condition/illness not for a sermon. If I ever felt the need for a sermon, well, this is Louisiana and there seems to be some sort of church every mile or two, often less than that far apart.
    There are many things I don't like, but while I make my preferences known to any and all, I never try to make any others believe as I do. I belong to the ACLU, I disagree with some of the positions they have and have had. I emailed them on that once, but then immediately told them that was just an extra reason I'd continue to support them as long as I live. Good grief, if any organization agreed 100% with me, I'd quit it in a New York minute. How boring life would be if a majority agreed with me. No, I do not go off in search of an agreement, but I won't back down from one either. I'd have more respect for Dr. Carson if he kept his private affairs, religion, to himself. Supposedly Christians are NOT supposed to pray publicly. Their own book (the holly buy-bull) and their beloved Jesus tells them to NOT be like the hypocrites who pray in public, but to go into a closet and shut yourself in when you pray to that god. Funny how a non-believer seems to know their ho;y book better than they do.
    Thanks for your kind words on the pain. No, I never have tried the tough it out, not worth it and it just makes those around me miserable, plus it hurts even more. Just have a bad day now and then is all.
    Oh, the funny walk for Scott Walker was brilliant. I was and still am a Monty Python fan. I have a dvd of "Life of Brian" and that along with my old, worn copy of "Bored of the Rings" always make me smile and even laugh out loud. Now, to obtain a dvd of the Python Grail film.
    Have a great Friday and a super weekend. Oh, an extra ear rub for Mr. Tigger. Stay safe and cool.

  2. I've never heard any criticism of Ben Carson as a physician...but, that said, I'd probably rather some other person in charge if I ever required medical attention in his specialty, which I believe is neurosurgery.

    And for the reasons you mention: no, I don't expect public figures to ignore their personal inclinations, but yeah, I'd like to think they'd recognize that public policy in a civil society requires they consider the greater public, and not just those who agree on their particular religious persuasion.

    I think I've mentioned that old JFK wasn't exactly my favorite, at least once I got old enough to understand a bit more. But his own words in countering the anti-Catholic bias at the time are as good as any in how I think a politician should deal with personal faith and public service. Works for me...though, funny how that's been turned upside down in the 50-60 odd years since then. Sigh. And...not to pile on to the guy, given his recent cancer diagnosis, but it was Jimmy Carter as much as anyone that unfortunately opened that floodgate. Oh, he wasn't nearly as awful as the subsequent merger of the Evangelical wingnuts with the GOP establishment,'s hard to criticize when your own preferred (or, lesser of evils) is making that central to their persona. Ouch.

    Anyway...glad you like old Minister of Silly Walker (Wanker? -- yeah, that too). Fits him...

    As for Life of Brian, I've of course seen it since then, but I remember wanting to go watch it at the movie theater in Lafayette when it was first released...but the city banned it. Wow. least things have changed a bit for the better on that front, though the down side is that you never know when a lunatic with a gun will show up. Grr...

    As for Monty Python and the Holy know, I'd think you might even be able to find that at the Alexandria library...and burn your own copy if you want one to keep. My own .0000000002 cents worth these days is hopefully throwback: I'll borrow or stream movies, and keep the memory of having watched...assuming my memory doesn't go (which unfortunately happens way too often these days)...

    Anyway...have a good weekend as well. We got some rain here, even as I type, and they're saying some tomorrow afternoon...well, good, especially if it gives me time to cut the grass in the morning.

    Take it easy.