Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Right On Schedule

From Album 5
For no other reason than, you know, Ms. Fiorina has been lifted by the rising tide to the moral equivalent of grown up (or socially promoted, if you prefer)...and of course immediately latches on to the nothing burger that is the Clinton email "scandal." Sigh: I used to kind of like the political process...not anymore.


  1. Well, this is no surprise at all. Oh, the supposed fact that Ms. Carly is now gaining may be a small surprise to some of the rubes, but not to any who pay attention. Funny that none of the reporters, and I use that term very loosely when talking about US reporting, if we can dare call it that, is why none ever ask about her time at H-P. Oh, dear me, why no sir, that will never, ever do. No, best stay very, very silent on that time period. Sweep it under the old rug no doubt. Yes, that time never even happened. Bullshit! Well, actually, bullshit in spades to be honest. Took a decent company and ruined it totally, forever. Ah, but she made out just fine didn't she?
    Sorry I missed the Tuesday post. Had an extra pain day and didn't check all my usual web sites, today I am way behind as well. Summers here are tough on old folks with breathing troubles. Should have stayed in SoCal where the humidity is much lower. Yes, I know, a large portion of that state is burning now. Hope they don't get too many huge fires in the autumn, those Santa Anna winds out of the high desert usually make for nasty fire conditions and damn, eery year some nut ball goes and sets one deliberately. With the severe drought they have had the past years, well, I wish them the best, but they'd better plan for the worst.
    We almost get a few rain drops now and then, not enough to wet the pavement so far this week though. It would probably just evaporate as soon as it hit any paved surface any way, so damn hot, and humid.
    Well, stay cool and safe.

  2. Well, take care of yourself. Sorry to hear the pain spiked up.

    As for SoCal, I hear now the upcoming record El Nino will bring rain, don't quench your thirst with a firehose, and the rain, while probably better than no rain, will cause problems. Again, welcome to the new normal...and watch as more insurance companies try to bail on claims. Oh, there will be problems. Now, people will deal,'s gonna be one hell of a mess. Welcome to large swaths of the country -- and the world -- experiencing the "freedom" New Orleans had ten years ago following the flood.

    Fiorina is yet another example of just is: a failed CEO, who imploded a perfectly good company, is now a "serious" GOP candidate, who can take on HRC and Of course, she'll lay off the Donald (who is likely at his peak -- fine in a 17 candidate field, but 20 percent won't win as the junior varsity drops out)...she attacked Clinton's email server -- no, that wasn't the smartest political decision, but, as we know, Clinton is a DLC'er, i.e., Repug Lite; anyway, Fiorina pretends she's concerned about hackers accessing it. Well...bullshit. I know enough to know that it doesn't take genius to reasonably secure a machine, as long as you've got the money to do so. Now, related to hacking in that it's pretty awful, Carly is a pretty abysmal manager...however, the difference is that hacking requires some technical skill. Poor management only requires hubris.

    But now she's a "serious" Repug candidate. Damn. That's like saying Looney Tunes are "serious" television.

    Take it easy, hope the pain gets more manageable. Over here...well, man, I miss the damn Vicodins they gave me after my little accident earlier this summer. Oh, I know, they're opiates, so you have to let them go. But...they were nice while the lasted.

    Again, hope they can give you something...and don't feel bad about taking or doing whatever to manage pain -- too many people in this country think you're supposed to just gut everything out. Bull. Life is to be enjoyed to the extent we can. Aches and pains, physical or emotional, will always be there need to add.

    Catch you later.