Monday, August 10, 2015

Not Fading Away Anytime Soon

From Album 5
Sorry for the recycled image yet again (with the minor addition of a GOP logo), but...he's their Frankenstein monster, and even ugly rhetoric isn't stopping him. Well, again, my attitude is, they built their brand, now they have to live with it...or, as this post says/cites, when your opponent is drowning, throw them an anchor.


  1. I am A-OK with having recycled photos on your blog. Hye, the Donald IS still news. Funny in a sick sort of way even. The elephant gang is trying to eat their own creation and yet the creature, Trump, still keeps on topping the polls. He is like a bad check, he keeps bouncing back no matter how much they try and push him away. Oh dear me, he wasn't invited or if he had been invited, suddenly was dis-invited to that Red State deal this past weekend. Well, guess what clown sow, he is still top of the polls. If there wasn't so much really serious about being POTUS this entire mess would be nearly as funny as a skit from Monty Python. Actually, I wonder if the Pythons even at their best could have come up with as big a joke as the elephant gang is this year.
    Maybe we should call Trump Timex; he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Yes, I do remember those old TV commercials with John Cameron Swazey (spelling?).
    As entertainment, Trump is even funnier, well the way his party is reacting to him, than the mooseburger bimbo was when she ran with old McCrazy in 2008.
    Mike Whitney had an interesting look at Trump at the Counterpunch web site today, Monday 10 August 2015.
    Well, hope you and Tigger can stay cool. Yes, our electric bill will be higher this coming billing cycle. Heat index has topped 110 the last few days with not much relief, if any, in sight. And so it goes….
    Have a great week. Stay safe.

  2. Thanks -- I'll go check Counterpunch right now. And...I think it was Swayze...I remember those ads too. Anyway, I think Trump is calling their bluff, and Faux et al are caving: oh, they'll lose if he wins, but beating him to the ground means...they lose. Ah, the base -- the line about the Rethugs fearing their base rings true -- they're supposed to just eat all the bullshit lies, vote GOP, and accept their scraps while the big shots rake up all the sweet government contracts. But...old Donald's throwing a monkey wrench into the plan. Or...maybe not: they'll eventually nominate Jeb! or someone equally crappy, "lose" --but still keep their insider status. Much like the Dems did in 1972...and in 1976-80, when they soured on the taste of Carter...who, to be fair, didn't exactly help himself either -- just finished the Perlstein book about the rise of Reagan, and it touched on Carter a bit as well...also watched the PBS show about him, part of their Presidents series...and of course I have my childhood memories: yeah, circumstances knocked him for a bad loop, but again, his own temperment contributed...sort of lose/lose...and lose again, with Bonzo crawling out of the woodwork to snatch the prize. Ugh.


    Back to stuff here. More rain today, so good. My a/c bill will still be high, but things cooled at least a bit. Just hope the wet stuff doesn't launch a swarm of mosquitoes.

    Take it easy.