Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And The Clowns Did Gather...

From Album 5 two groups, varsity and the jayvee, and they did gather 'round the decay of that colossal wreck, Ozy-Ronaldus.

Well, hope you don't mind me not linking to anything. The sorry spectacle is out there if you want to look and I think the main event is ongoing as I type.

Wake me up when it's over.


  1. According to his blog post today, Rude Pundit will be doing a live commentary of this "debate". I don't remember the web site that it is to be on, but it did mention it will be commentary for viewing later. As for me, I will not watch even with the sound muted and his comments on the web. Sorry Rude old man, but my stomach will no longer tolerate the elephant gang bullshit.
    Oh, in my opinion, the last real debate between candidates for POTUS was in 1960 when (not so very) tricky Dick debated JFK. THAT was a debate. What we have had since are extremely piss poor excuses that are billed as debates but are not debates in any real meaning of the term.
    Well, hope your week goes OK. Give my best to Mr. Tigger, and wishing him a speedy recovery from his depression/illness. Maybe he was just having an off day. Sure hope so. Those cats can get very attached to us people, and we to them. Voice of experience here.

  2. Fortunately Tigger is back to his usual self. I was worried, but it looks like it was maybe a case of the blahs like I'm prone to get from time to time.

    The debate was...sad, pathetic. Christ -- and I don't just mean this as a political leftie, but as an adult human, more or less...that's all they've got? In any sane analysis, that'd be beyond embarrassing.

    But they get away with it...because corporate 'merica needs their corporate shills. And that's what they've got...except that the shills have the mental age of twelve year olds.


    Take it easy. Back tomorrow. Something came up today -- nothing serious, actually a nice visit from a friend. Every once in a while some time out is good.