Monday, September 14, 2015

Scotty Goes Marching Home

From Album 5
To be sure, there are plenty of scabs...enough to elect this nit Governor of Wisconsin. But this is little more than the squeaking of a political mouse. And likely to be about as effective.


  1. Awe poor lil' feller, not doing too great now days? Too bad there Walker, just walk on by.
    Nice to see old Rick of Texas quit, but still no word about lil' PBJ. Has poor lil' PBJ ever passed the 1% mark in any of the recent polls? How long will he maintain his false hope of attaining POTUS? Yes, he is most likely seeking a cabinet post or maybe a spot on Fixed Noise TV or maybe some tank thinker job with little real work to do, a big staff to do any real work for him and of course a very big paycheck for doing all that.
    Well, the state elections are fast approaching as we continue to look at the coming election for next November. May the doGs help us working class and poor folks should diaper Dave win the governors spot. Of course the state legislators, both houses, are useless. Just check old CB Forgotston for the latest on that gang of crooks. I am totally convinced that in the US at least starting at the state level and on up, they run for office not to do anything for the poor and working class people, but only to enrich themselves to the max.
    'Merikkka, what a country. Well, I for one do miss the old democratic republic of my youth. Maybe someday t will be returned. As far as I know, admittedly not very much, it is still legal to dream in the US of A and Louisiana. For how long dreaming will remain legal, well, I have no idea, but I'll keep on until my last breath no matter what damn fool laws these moronic asshats try to cram down us.
    Have a great week my young friend. Hi to Mr. Tigger and an extra ear rub and treat as well.

  2. Sad to say, but I'm pretty sure the fix is in for Vitter. As for PBJ, well...saw that he was reduced today to ruminating (possibly literally) about a Trump cabinet in (I think) a CNN op-ed piece. Aw. No, it's still kiddie table for him, at least till the funds run out.

    And he's also got a contractor working on a McMansion somewhere south of LSU. Saw an article about it a few weeks ago. Oh, he'll leap at the first chance at a cabinet position, but think tank is more likely, with Faux as a fallback. And you wonder what Vitter takes the meat axe to, budget wise. Yikes.

    Well, back to stuff here. I'll tell Tigger you say hello. He's been a little lethargic lately...could be that he's finally getting a bit older. At least I hope that's what it is. If not, we'll go to the vet to see if it's physiological.

    Take it easy.