Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Here We Go Again

From Album 5
Oh, and added to the ugly effects of the drug combination is the fact that the accused has a fairly decent case that he wasn't the person who did it...but that won't stop Oklahoma. Nope.


  1. This type of mess is the main reason I oppose the death penalty. It does NOT deter crime. Think back to the old days when they held public hangings on the town square. It was like a carnival in those days. And still, there was crime after a hanging. I'd bet that 99% + of criminals think (I wonder if they do think) they will get away with their crimes. Killing a possibly innocent human is beyond disgusting. I do not need nor want the state to kill for me. Having been a Marine, I think I could do that for myself. Taking the life of any other living critter, bugs not included here, is a very awesome thing to do. Killing another human being, even in war, well, I'd not wish that on anybody ever. Been there, done that and as one song I like says, memories are like starlight, they go on forever.
    Have a great week/weekend. Hope Tigger is just feeling a bit blue of late. Maybe a visit to the vet would be proper if he isn't back to his regular self soon. Don't wait too long though. My best wishes to you both. I know how deeply attached we get to our furry pals.

  2. Tigger seems better today, thank heavens. I was worried about the little guy.

    As for me, I'm through with anything to do with the death penalty as well. The pro-death crowd always insists it'll only be "the worst of the worst," and yeah, sometimes they get some pretty awful people...but sometimes they don't, and more times they make horrible mistakes. Fortunately, today they delayed this execution, at least for a few weeks.

    But the whole process is rotten. To the core. It's just a modern lynching by people who, unbelievably, seem to think a US prison is "the good life." Good god. What sort of twisted frame of mind gets there?

    Well...above I said wake me when it's over, but I guess I'll catch a bit of the clown show. Might as well. Know thy enemy.

    Take it easy.