Thursday, October 22, 2015

And Another Bite Of The Nothing Burger

From Album 5


  1. Well, this is getting to be almost funny. The elephant gang wants to 'bring down' Hi-Larry Clint-stone. So far that effort, and what for them may pass as hard work, has failed. Now, mind you I am not and have not been a fan of either her or Billy Bob, even though I do admit I voted for him(them) in 92. (The wife sort of talked me into it. Sorry Peace and Freedom Party should have given you folks my vote then.)
    That said, I do enjoy seeing the moronic neo-crazies hang themselves. I hear they even took up a collection among themselves and bought the rope.
    Yeah, I know, it supposedly isn't nice to kick them when they are down. Well, my senior DI in USMC boot camp taught us that when the other guy is down, that IS the time to kick them. You do not have to raise your foot so high then. Oh, and it is tons of fun in particular like in this case when they so deserve all the kicks we give them.
    Unfortunately for truth, Hi-Larry will come out of this mess as good if not better than when she went into it.
    Have a great weekend. Missed yesterday. Don't ask.......

  2. Well, over here I'm a little worried about the feline. He's not keeping food down. Am hoping it's just a hairball, but if it persists we'll go to the vet.

    Anyway, I voted for Bill in 92 -- get the first Shrub outta there, and good riddance. As for Hillary, well, the alternatives aren't any different from the shitbirds like Trey Gowdy...under those circumstances...

    Will keep this short. Tigger's resting on my I said, hope this isn't serious...other than retching, he doesn't seem too out of sorts...

    Have a good weekend as well...