Monday, October 19, 2015


From Album 5
Amateur hour doesn't even begin to describe...


  1. I agree on the old photo. Of minimal interest unless one looks up to bad guys or supposed bad guys.
    Your cable carrier dropped C-SPAN? What the hell? It used to be free to any carrier. Oh, wait, they don'y have advertising so no income for carrying it. Yes, I almost forgot, this IS 'Merikkka and the 'almighty dollar' rules over all.
    The post for today is too funny for words. Trey, go back home, close the door and never come out again. Trey Gowdy------Boy Howdy?
    Oh, over at Sputnik International web site, they had a short bit on the supposed CIA guy who was a great pal of Faux Noise. The guy you posted about last week. He may be looking at some serious jail time. Apparently one can get in some seriously deep stuff for claiming to be ex-CIA and getting paid for such.
    Ain't this country just grand? LOL.
    And so it goes….
    Have a great week. Sending an extra ear rub for Tigger.

  2. Yeah, Cox cable dumped C-Span, or at least for my level of service...which isn't minimal basic, but neither is it bells and whistles. But I still think it's kind of bogus -- C-Span is supposed to be a public service, i.e., let as many people as possible view. If nothing else, it shows what a joke they are. But...

    Same with a public access channel -- not that I'd expect much, but it's not like there's much cost. But instead, what's called public access here is informercials and local sports.

    Anyway, good that Simmons is in hot water. After taking a look at just what he's spewed, he deserves it. Same with Gowdy. This stuff reminds me of something I heard about another Gooper -- John Ensign, before he had to resign to spend more time with his pension (he would've been indicted/convicted, and goodbye free money)...anyway, I remember even the hard core wingers said Ensign and his staff were clueless when it came to basic constituent services. They'd go to Harry Reid when they needed something.

    But they'll vote for the Ensigns, et al. What a bunch of fuckers.

    Well, back to Tigger time over here. And a bit of rest. Am hoping to get more painting done this weekend, but might have to dodge the rain. Oh well.

    Take it easy.