Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

From Album 5
In Mexico this week, hoping it's not a total catastrophe. And, once again, reminding us: no, a single event is not in itself proof of global warming, but it DOES give us a clear preview/warning that unusual weather events could become the new normal if we choose to do nothing.

Have a good weekend.


  1. That is very fast for a storm to develop. On the West coast I had seen a report or three that said the El Nino this year might be like the one we had out there in 98-99. Very wet perhaps. True, SoCal needs the rain but too much too soon is never good. I hope the people in Western Mexico get through this storm OK.
    Hope Tigger gets well soon also. When your cats or any pet gets sick it is like one of your children being sick. Trust me, been there more times than I can remember. Miss Peach was born in the home I had in SoCal, she made the move here with me and was 17 when she died in my lap. Little Bits also made that move, never sure how old she was, younger than Peach by a year or two the vet figured. Hard to tell the age of cats I guess. She was at least 16 or better when she died. That was really hard.
    Again, thinking good thoughts for Tigger and you. Hope the weekend isn't too wet your way. We may get a good bit of rain up here.

  2. Charlie, just letting you know that Tigger got much, much worse Saturday night, and this morning I brought him to the LSU Vet School. He's stable now, but in ICU. Tomorrow they'll do an ultrasound and drain fluid from his lungs (an x-ray detected the fluid). They've got him under an oxygen "tent," actually a little enclosed cage with a plexiglass front.

    As you might expect, I'm on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Yes, he's my boy...and, all in all, a very, very good cat.

    So, I'll keep you updated...we'll see what they find out tomorrow. As I said, at least he's stable, and they're keeping an eye out. Checked back around a half hour ago. They say he's resting.

    Well, take it easy. Thanks for asking about him.