Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This Guy

From Album4
If further proof was needed that they're a goddamned joke...


  1. When I got home from the damn fool Vietnam war, I swore off physical violence. Notice, I didn't quit verbal type, not that foolish.
    That said, looking at the photo of Herr Ryan in the link you gave, I'd like to smack him upside the head with a 2 x 4 or baseball bat. Just to take that smirk off his face. Oh, and for the record, if I ever got close enough to Ollie North, I swear I'd do my best to kick him square in the nuts hard enough so he'd have to pee out his nose the rest of his miserable life. He disgraced the USMC. Didn't the officers get any basic lectures like we peons did in boot camp? I remember being told we were obligated to disobey unlawful orders. So "saint" Ronnie told him to go around Congress and do the dirty deeds. That was an unlawful order. His "only following orders" excuse during the Iran-Contra hearings was why, in part, why many high ranking Nazis were hung after WW2. The UCMJ was rewritten in the late 40's/early 50's to state in no uncertain terms that "just following orders" is NOT an excuse. Ollie should be doing serious hard prison time. OK, putting my soap box back in the closed room again. Sorry, just needed to vent.
    Hope you don't get too much rain and can get some more window frames painted this weekend.
    Enjoy the week, you and Tigger too.

  2. Him, Ted Cruz, Jason Chaffetz (or however he spells his name)-- all of 'em deserve a good smack. Normally I'd also forego a violent approach, but goddamn: they're hurting all kinds of people with their political positions, even as they enrich their patrons. The more things change...

    I knew someone who vaguely had contact with North sometime in the 70s. Said he was an asshole. And that's probably being too nice.

    Well, back to stuff here. Take it easy.