Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Music

I dunno -- sometimes this fits my mood, and this is one of those times. Hope you had a good holiday. See you tomorrow.


  1. Michael,
    Hope you had a good day yesterday. We ended up with an apartment full. One of Anns' sisters, her son and both their dogs were here. Her youngest son, his girlfriend and two of his kids also came over. Amazingly, we still have plenty of food left over. Well, at least we will not have to cook anything until Monday at the earliest.
    Thanks for the song. I cannot remember the last time I heard that one. I tend to use music, or at least some song lyrics for my inspiration. For me, some song writers give me ideas/inspiration. Like poets, they say things I wish I could say, so I borrow from them. I do give credit though. I do not steal from them, that would not be very nice, plus, while I will never claim to be nor like having others tell me that I am a good person, I know I have done, and still do (at times) good work. Well, a good song writer, one who sets down some lyrics that make an impact on me, has done good work and I give the person credit. Often I just credit the band and the song title as I know that often the song writer is nit a member of that band. Actually, at times I even sort of retreat into music. Just grab some cd's and headphones and play my favorite songs even some older albums I have not listened to in a long time.
    For what its worth (probably not much) I always like to have music playing low in the background when I read.
    Sorry for the over long ramble. I am certain I have told you before, more than once no doubt, that I talk too much.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. Glad your holiday went well. I had a pleasant enough time in New Iberia -- pretty small gathering, but no political squabbles, haha. Drank some wine and talked about Tigger.

    And cool re: your comments on music generally and PPL. Was in the mood for something harmonious. My own musical tastes are pretty eclectic. I'll pass on the details for now, but...I've got a decent enough collection of stuff, some on vinyl (no longer have a turntable, alas, but maybe one day will replace it)...also have a guitar and small keyboard that I even played a bit on today. I'm not real good, but can sound out some simple stuff. Wouldn't subject anyone to it, though.

    So, the picture above is from a couple years ago. My tendency was to every once in a while, when the mood hit, to just take a number of pictures and see how they turned out. I really like that one. A pretty good likeness.

    Anyway, no problems on allegedly ranting. No, I wouldn't call it that, and I like what you've got to say.

    Take it easy.