Monday, November 23, 2015

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria The Donald?

From Album 5
OK, wrong movie, but the same character name...however...more and more, it's clear that Trump's not a bug, but a feature.


  1. Over at the old soap box, there is a link; My photos. On that site I have an album of photos, not photoshopped at all of most of the last cats I shared ,y life with. When it became obvious I could not keep up that place in the woods, I had to find good homes for them all. Thanks to my vet and her staff, we found good homes for them all. I left that place in 2009 and yes, I still miss those cats and all the other cats I was fortunate enough to share some time with. The fee to have any pets in an apartment make it near impossible to have a cat, two would be better, now days. Ah well, between your site and the Lolcats site I can get my fix. Also, one sister-in-law has a gang of cats at her place so when we visit I get to be around some of them. Not all trust me yet. No problem, three have figure I'm a cat person so I am OK with that.
    Yes, Saturday did produce some good news. No more "buddy" system as Caldwell went down in defeat. Also, diaper Dave will have to slink back to D.C. and finish out his current term as ourU.S. Senator. He has stated he will not run for reelection. Any bets he will forget that statement just before the next election cycle comes around? No comment on the person who was elected Lt. Gov. Don't know enough about either of the two who were in the run off to say either way. FYI, the one I voted for lost. Well, life is like that; win some, lose some, the rest of the time, you get rained out. Been rained out a few times in my nearly 68 years and no doubt will again. Big deal.
    Ah Trump. Or should I say The Donald? Either way, he has stirred up some serious crap in the elephant gang. Now there might be a fun debate for POTUS, The Donald versus Hi-Larry. I bet you could even hold it on pay-per-view and make some serious money. No, I would not pay to listen to them/watch them sling mud (and other barn yard stuff) at each other. Still, I bet it would e fun, the first one any way.
    Hope you have a good week. Oh, in case I forget, Happy Turkey Day.

  2. Took a look ... yeah, some of the little orange ones, well...glad you found homes for them all. And, one day, I guess I'll find another little pal that I can offer a home to. Not quite yet though. Geez, this all happened so quickly. Hell, in the back of my head I'd sometimes wonder how whether Tigger would be able to handle a new home if I went first. He was...well, spoiled, and pretty used to getting his way.

    And I know what you mean about having to pay extra rent. That kept me from getting any pet at all until I moved back here in 1999 and rented a dive apartment near LSU. A cat could only improve things there.

    As for Trump, one moment I'm laughing, the next, damn. As for Clinton, you know where I stand: not thrilled in the slightest, but welcome to a generation of diminished expectations. After Nixon, Reagan, Bush I & II, and even Bill Clinton, hell, I've been beaten down thoroughly...especially when the alternative is Trump/Carson, or now, it looks like Cruz is slithering into the picture. HRC is like my chronically aching shoulder...but a Repug administration, along with the Supreme Court and the legislature...that'd be like getting hit by a truck.

    Oh, Caldwell's concession speech was...bizarre. I wonder how much he'd had to drink. I especially liked his screwing up the line "disagree without being disagreeable." Came out as "disagreeable without disagreeing." I dunno, maybe he meant it that way. Jeff Landry is a full on teahadist...shame they both couldn't lose.

    Well, back to a quiet night over here. Alas, am watching more television, obviously missing much better company. But..maybe when I think Tiggs would approve, I'll find another pal. Again, damn...though, as I think I mentioned the other day, I'm sure glad I turned inward in a pretty major way while he was here.

    Take it easy.