Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Who Needs Facts When You've Got Myths?

From Album 5
And when you've got voters in a political party who prefer myths?


  1. Aha! But, it is usually, like 99% of the time, that the "librul" media is the mean, nasty, and vile critter. Why dear me, Faux Noise would never stoop to propaganda. LOLMAO!!!!! Yeah, and if any buy that last line, I hear there is a certain bridge for sale, cheap.
    The media, in general, lib and con, print, and/or any type of electronic IS the main fault. It started when news was mixed with advertising/B.S.. I notice the mention of old Ed Morrow in that article. Yes, one of the last and best of the TV news people. I never did really trust "uncle" Walter. Croncite(spelling?) seemed too full of himself to me once I hit high school, maybe even just before then. Perhaps Huntley was close, but I didn't much like Brinkley. Too slick in my opinion. Dad seemed to like Walter. Hey, he was my Dad and my first hero, but that never meant we had to agree on everything. In truth, we had many an argument. Often, he'd start one with me just because he was bored. He also knew how to get me into one, no matter how hard I tried to not argue at times, he'd just keep pushing, knowing all the time that he'd get me, just give him enough time and damn, he'd get me. I do not regret any of it, of course back when I was in high school I did often, but looking back, I always seems to learn something useful from the arguments.
    Hope you have a good visit with the family. We are having some of the wife's' family here tomorrow. My family, other than hers which I married into, now consists of me. When we met, it was me and two cats. I just had one brother and he died before Sherie. Heart attack as I recall. Told him, being 6 foot tall and over 350 pounds was NOT healthy, but he never listened to me. Hell, I was just the older, useless brother. Funny how my marriage lasted 24 years (plus a few months) and we had the same home for all but 6 ½ months of those years and I was never out of work. Ancient history, but being as my mother told me from as far back as I can remember until I enlisted in the Marines that I'd never amount to much, I think I did a fair job of making a decent life for Sherie and me and the cats. If our daughter had survived, I'd have done my best to make her happy and well educated also.
    Any who, have a happy and safe holiday Michael. Catch you later. Cheers my friend.

  2. Well...damn. Commented earlier, but looks like it didn't post. Glad you're not having to travel -- these days it seems like highway traffic is so hyper selfish it becomes a lethal version of dodge ball. Well...

    My earlier comment that didn't post mentioned that Murrow and Cronkite are...ok in retrospect, but neither was stepping out on a limb. Was too young for the former, though I saw the George Clooney movie, and had read about Murrow previously (his WWII coverage from London). Better than nothing, but was a little late in condemning McCarthy (still better late than never), and had to balance See It Now with a lame gossip show (ok, I've sold out as well to make rent money, so can't complain too loud). Cronkite's Vietnam stance in 1968 was...measured. As you know, all respect to veterans -- like you -- but we also know the policy that put you there in the first place, was, well, wrong. Obviously it's been quite the journey, but the wingnuts have managed to play that out in a particularly ugly way: they're the ones who disparaged veteran like yourself, then they all pretended to by sympathetic after Stallone released First Blood/Rambo I. What a crock. By the way, Rambo III is pro-jihadist, don't you know, and Rambo II was just ugly, playing on the emotions of grieving family (sure, there might have been a few POWs left behind -- anything is possible -- but the exploitation of this was...awful)...anyway, it's still the corporate line, and Faux Noise is a farcical parody of the corporate line, albeit with disastrous consequences.


    Anyway...gonna get some rest over here. Hope your holiday went well, and tomorrow is a Tigger picture. I owe him so much more, but remembering him is at least a start.

    Take it easy.