Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not Exactly A Comforting Notion

From Album 5
The full on wingnuts are taking a closer look at Ted...


  1. Oh joy……not. Mind you, I am not a fan of Ozzy Osborn, but the republicans are beginning to make me think of his song, his only good one in my opinion, "Crazy Train". I am now certain that the elephant gang IS running the Crazy Train and it is about to go totally off the rails. Actually, it may already BE totally off the rails already.

    Amazing what sharing your home/life with a cat of three will do FOR a human. After Sherie died in January of 1999, I actually talked to the cats. Sometimes Miss Peach or Little Bits would even sit and look at me. No doubt they thought I was totally nuts. Miss Patches just gave me an odd look and went off to nap on the bed. I swear, cats know everything, we just have not figured out how to ask them for the answers. I suppose they'd not give them to us but politely tells us we could not handle the answers. The ancient Egyptians saw cats as gods. Cats have never forgotten that. I do like all animals, in their proper places, snakes do not belong in my home. I really do prefer cats, mostly for their independence and free spirits.
    Take care of yourself young man.

  2. Crazy Train is right...well, except that the GOP hates trains, because libruls like trains. And, you can count on a knee jerk reaction -- if libruls like it...

    I do think cats -- and dogs, and for that matter, plenty of other mammals -- have at least some understanding. In the same way, I had modest understanding of Tigger. To be sure, I couldn't quite grasp -- after all, his senses were far more attuned to things than mine, even if my own color vision was ever so slightly better at perceiving, say, red...but, all in all, we'd bonded, and that was really something. A friend of mine who lost his dog earlier this year felt similarly. By the way, with your own experiences and those of friends who've likewise had to cope with this, well, doesn't make it hurt less, but to know you've gotten through this...not that I'd wish it on you or anyone else.

    So, again, thanks.

    Anyway...yeah, the conventional wisdom is Cruz or Rubio, and that's probably about right, though Trump, no pun intended, is the wild card: he's got enough money and vanity to stick around and make for a massive headache...but any one of them would be that...as opposed to HRC being just kind of a chronic shoulder pain.

    Guess we'll see.

    Hope tomorrow is a good day for you. Am heading to visit the family for a bit (New Siberia), then back here. Maybe I'll try to do a few projects around the house. Today I caulked some cracks in the kitchen/pantry floor. Also filled a hole with steel wool outside. Hope that does the trick. Last night I heard some rustling in/around the attic -- damn, that never would've happened with Tigger here. At first I thought it was a mouse, now I think maybe a squirrel. The hole was pretty big - big enough for a squirrel - and they're all around this time of year. Here's hoping the message is sent: I don't mind 'em, but not in the attic.

    Take it easy, Happy Holidays -- and I say Happy Holidays proudly, and secularlist humanly, if that's an expression.