Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Big Lies And The Big Liars Who Tell Them

From Album 5
OK, so they went from the silent treatment to full on victim blaming, to wondering why more Planned Parenthood clinics aren't targeted (um, they ARE), to old Tail Gunner Ted just going all out, or all in, with this years version of Bob Dole's "Democrat Wars."

They're. Just. Plain. Nuts.


  1. I have to agree with you on Planed Parenthood being more about women than children. Yes indeed my friend. That IS the case. Hey, the current elephant gang is very religious, well mostly of the stain type. Their very own holly buy-bull says quite clearly that the man runs the show, in the councils and in particular at home. Women are to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. Yes, that is how their doG meant the world to be way back when a group of bronze age, itinerant goat herders roamed the middle eastern waste lands, looking for a cheap place to settle. Now, once they did set up cam, the local property values fell through the floor boards, if they had floor boards back then. Basically, the holly buy-bull is supposed to be the way for all of us to live. Well, this old heathen will pass on that and I'll defend my personal right to not go along with that silly myth with my last bullet and last breath. I still remember how the Marine Corps taught us to fight until we were finally killed. Sure, I'd probably suffer a huge loss, they will always gang up on us nonbelievers, damn cowards, but one thing is certain, they come after me and when the dust settles, they'll know without any doubt at all that they have been in one hell of a fight. A SSGT Murphy told us, take as many of them with you as you can.
    Now, I do NOT want to see any violent revolt, nor do I want to see any violence at all in our streets/cities/etc.. I'd much rather we all sat down, talked it all out and came to a decent compromise whereby all of us could live and let live. Unfortunately, I don't see much prospect for that nonviolent way to happen, mostly because so many are brainwashed into false beliefs that their way is the only way. Well, to that all I can say is bull shit. I do not consider myself to be a pessimist. I think of myself as a realist, still, I cannot help but recall something I have said for decades; no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. Just look at this country in your own life time for the truth of that comment. Every time it looks like we might be heading in a decent direction as a country, some asshat comes along and throws a wrench it the works.
    Well, on that not so cheery note, I'll close for today. Hope you week goes well. Take care Michael.

  2. Yeah, I think you're right about how they won't compromise. And that's really, really dangerous. A while back I watched and old clip of -- gasp -- Saul Alinsky, the wingnut bane/bete-noire himself, on, of all shows, Firing Line (which ran on public TV -- go figure). Anyway, Alinsky told Buckley (a friend used to call him Butt-Fuckly -- yeah, about right), anyway, Alinsky said the most important thing was...a willingness to compromise.

    The hardliners in the Civil War -- called the Fire-eaters -- were just like the modern wingers in not wanting to compromise. They also thought racism and slavery were god ordained as well. When you throw god into the mix, bad things happen. Oh sure, in the end we made a bit of progress -- emphasis on a bit -- but it sure did take quite a lot of killing.

    Well, back to my thing over here. Appreciate your thoughts. Take it easy.