Wednesday, December 02, 2015

But An Armed Society Is A Polite Society...Right?

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It's not even been a week since the last headline shooting...and it wasn't even the only one today. As to the post's title, I often think about the "armed=polite" saw when dealing with local traffic that seems...pretty hostile at times, and certainly armed in the sense that pretty much every car on the road is a potential lethal weapon. Well...there will be more somber talk, but if nothing could be done when first graders were viciously massacred...

But they sure will scream about foreign refugees...fleeing a war zone we had quite a hand in making.


  1. Not very far from where I lived in Ontario, California. Sherie had her brain surgeries in San Bernardino. Why that location? Too many questions, so few answers. Well, in this sort of mess, that seems to be standard procedure, lots of questions,zero reasons why.
    Of course the gun nuts will be out in force; if only more of the people had guns they'd have shot those killers before they could do so much damage. And no doubt the anti-gun nuts will also be out telling us how we 'must' ban all guns. This brings me back to your comment from yesterdays' post, no compromise. THAT is the biggest problem facing this country today, nobody allows that the 'other' side may even have a valid point. It is all my way and screw you. That is not the way to have a civilized society.
    And yes, we must be so very afraid f those poor refugees from Syria. Funny, the involvement of the US of A in Syria is what made so many of them refugees. Brings back the old saying, you break it, you just bought it. Of course we broke Iraq and Afghanistan and have yet to claim any ownership of those countries.
    I really do love America, but man, the crap that passes as the leadership of the country really is shit on toast.
    Well, I hope you have a good week. No rain in our forecast for the week, but much cooler temps. Need to get a blanket for tonight even. Winter must be on the way.
    Take care Michael.

  2. As for why San Bernardino, looks like just a case of terrible luck. The guy worked there. I think Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo might be right: it could be both terrorism and workplace violence. Either way, or both ways, it's awful. And yeah, in my mind, it all stems from a refusal to recognize the humanity in others. Which cuts both ways, which cuts all ways. And at this point it might well be dyed in the wool. Welcome to the moral equivalent of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict...where, regardless of what side you take (personally I think UN resolution 242 -- partition -- with additional land swaps, is the only slim chance to somewhat mitigate that, but I digress) anyway, neither side can really claim the moral high ground, though both sides also have legitimate grievances.

    More amazingly, despite being bitter enemies, their common humanity extends to being very closely related, just as a matter of we all are, in the end: people are people. But tribalism is ... a powerful drug.

    And now it will extend over here -- we'll all hate them, they'll all hate us...ok, not all, but there will be a very strong push to turn civil society into the moral equivalent of a prison yard.

    Which the powers that be might not object to at all, as long as the profits flow.


    And on that lovely note...likewise take it easy. Yes, the chill has arrived, at least for now. Pulled out the last of the gumbo I made this summer. Guess this weekend will include making more to re-stock the freezer.