Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday Cat Blogging

From Album 5
Here's a typical shot of the boy from the not-too-distant past. For a while the default for kitchen cabinets was an open door policy...and if there wasn't one, I'd hear it. Not that I minded, but regularly I was pulling dishes or containers out so he could explore or just hang out...and returning them once he'd satisfied his curiosity.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Oh yes! Great photo of Tigger. Cats and boxes or cupboards and other small or closed spaces just go together like pepperoni and pizza.
    I can't even try to remember how many times I "lost" a cat or three and they were house cats and only left the house to go to the vet for their annual checkups. Cats are very good at hiding when they want to play with you. Just another reason I like cats best of all other animals.
    Hope your weekend goes well. Stay warm, cool weather has moved in here. Not freezing yet, but in the ow 40's at night.
    Take care of yourself.

  2. The weekend turned out ok. Did some long overdue cleaning in the back. I don't actually have a yard, just a deck, but leaf litter and other stuff needed to be broomed/blown away, and other things needed organizing. So it goes. Also got the gumbo done. The freezer's stocked again.

    Weather-wise, haven't checked for rain, but conditions should be pretty mild around here, except for late in the week when, geez, I might need to run the a/c just a bit. If I was younger it'd strictly be ceiling fans, but these days...

    As for good old Tiggs, yeah, he liked his spots...though pretty much every night his spot ended up being my lap. Which was absolutely fine by me. Couldn't have been happier, and he at least seemed to be about the same. I can't read a cat's mind, but I can notice behavior, and sleeping/purring seems to indicate pretty happy in my book.

    Saw that Edwards put Dardenne in as Commissioner of Administration. Am not very surprised, and actually think/hope it's a good decision. We'll see...

    Take it easy.